❤ Classic by Bitiba

Classic by bitiba cat litter binds odours quickly and efficiently. Bitiba's own range of economical cat litter comes in a natural clay cat litter variety, plus a silicate litter option, and both at low prices compared to other brands. Shop main brand quality at tiny prices at bitiba!

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Classic by Bitiba Clumping Cat Litter Classic by Bitiba Clumping Cat Litter
This natural clay clumping cat litter is made from natural clay granules that absorb moisture quickly and form solid clumps that are easily removed from the tray. Economical litter - low bitiba price!

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Multibuy: 2 x 12kg individually priced £15.98
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Classic by Bitiba Silica Cat Litter Classic by Bitiba Silica Cat Litter
This silicate cat litter is ultra absorbent thanks to many micropores and helps to neutralise odours in seconds. It is easy to use as well as being soft and comfortable for your cat.

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Multibuy: 3 x 4L individually priced £8.97
Now £7.99

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