Dog Kennels & Flaps

Here at bitiba, we understand the importance of giving your dog a secure place outdoors that is shielded from the elements. Our quality wooden and plastic dog kennels are ideal and are great value. We also have a wide range of dog flaps, which lets your dog explore outside whenever they please.

Quality Dog Kennels:

Small Dog Kennels These kennels are the ideal outdoor home for your small pup. Whether you're in the mark...
Medium Dog Kennels Looking for a medium dog kennel? Here at bitiba, there is a large choice of medium dog ...
Large & XL Dog Kennels At bitiba, you will find a large choice of wooden dog kennels for large dogs. These dog...
Plastic Dog Kennels At bitiba, we have got a fantastic range of plastic dog kennels that are versatile and ...
Dog Flaps & Barriers There is a wide range of dog flaps at bitiba, which are perfect if your canine pal is p...

Dog kennel

Dog Kennels & Dog Flaps

Outdoor living for your dog

Most dogs love being in the outdoors and having access to outdoor spaces. If you would like to allow your dog independent access to your garden, or if you want him to have his own sheltered hideaway outdoors, then bitiba's selection of dog kennels and dog flaps is exactly what you need! Here are a few tips for purchasing your dog kennel.

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Material: Here at bitiba we have both wooden and plastic dog kennels. The plastic kennels are easy to maintain but do not 'breathe' as well as the wooden ones. The wooden kennels have a classic look, but require a little more maintenance in the long term. Some of our wooden kennels are insulated for extra comfort in winter.

Size: All of our dog kennels are listed by size, to help you choose the right one for your dog. The kennel needs to be of a good size, so that your dog can turn around and stand up when it is inside, but not so large that your dog can't keep it warm with its own body heat on colder days. As a rough guide, size S kennels are ideal for smaller breed dogs, size M or L for medium size dogs (e.g. Beagle or Cocker Spaniel), and size XL or XXL are the right size for larger breeds (e.g. Dalmatian, Labrador and larger breeds). To make sure you have the right size, measure your dog's height and length and compare these with the internal measurements to ensure it has room to move. Bear in mind that if your dog is still growing it may grow out of its kennel!

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Kennels at bitiba:

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Dog Flaps & Barriers

Our range of dog flaps and barriers let your dog explore outside and can help to keep inquisitive canines out of areas in your home where he isn't allowed to be!:

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