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Catit Litter Boxes & Filter Covered litter boxes are litter trays with a hood covering them to give your cat privac...
Catit Design Senses Cat senses are unique; they see and hear sights and sounds that are beyond our understa...
Catit Bowls Choose from a range of ceramic bowls, the classic Catit Glass Diner or the retro Catit ...
Catit Cat Carrier Cat carriers are great for use in the car and provide a safe way to transport your cat....
Catit Drinking Fountains Catit water fountains offer your cat a refreshed and oxygenated water that never goes s...


Premium quality feline accessories

Catit is a premium producer of high quality cat accessories, with everything from litter boxes to interactive cat toys. No matter what you are looking for to continue building your cat household, Catit can offer a luxury solution that is bound to please every feline, as well as the human members of the household!
Catit also offers an extensive range of food bowls and drinking fountains, which encourage your cat to enjoy its food at every meal and to take on enough fluids throughout the day, something which is key for feline health.
When the time comes to take your cat on holiday, to the vets or simply on a journey, Catit also provides a good selection of cat carriers, with something for everyone and with top and side entry options. Different entry options are also available in the Catit litter box range, which includes hooded options and trays with filters to help keep your home smelling fresh.
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Browse the complete range of Catit products we have available here at bitiba:

  • Catit Litter Boxes & Filters: keep your home smelling fresh and your cat clean and hygienic with a quality Catit litter tray, simple to clean and offering tailored toilet solutions for your feline. Many involve filters that work extra hard to keep the litter tray clean, and you can pick up replacements for these here at bitiba too.
  • Catit Design Senses: cat senses are unique - they can hear, see and smell things that you and I are not capable of understanding, meaning their experiences are different and exciting. This range of Catit Design Senses products has been developed to keep your cat’s mind intrigued and these toys can be combined to create an irresistible cat Sensory Activity Centre!
  • Catit Bowls: whether you want a fun, colourful bowl or a sleek, sophisticated dish, Catit has something for everyone, even offering feeders that test your cat and encourage slower eating and, subsequently, better digestion. Many of these dishes are dishwasher proof and also ideal for small dogs.
  • Catit Cat Carrier: a great way to keep your cat safe and secure on journeys, with a range of options available to meet every need and offer important ventilation during travel, whether that may be a short trip to the vets or a longer car journey.
  • Catit Drinking Fountains: it is vital that your cat takes on sufficient fluids, so why not invest in a cat fountain to make that happen? Catit have a range of fountains available, including fun flower designs and those with integrated food bowls. Help keep your cat hydrated with fresh, filtered water.

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