Low Fat Dog Food

Low Fat Dog Food

Dog Food - Light & Low in Fat:

Low Fat Dry Dog Food Find our recommended list of low in fat dry dog food and choose from our Premium Brands...
Low Fat Wet Dog Food A selection of low-fat and low-calorie dog diets are ideal for pets that are overweight...
Low Fat Dog Snacks With this great selection of tasty snacks with a low fat content, dogs that need to wat...

Low-Fat Dog Food

Amazing deals on light & low-fat dog food diets to help with weight loss or maintenance

Whether you are looking for your dog to lose weight or just trying to maintain its current weight, a low-fat or low-calorie diet could be the answer. Many dogs are prone to weight gain, either because they lead a less active lifestyle or because they have been sterilised. Regardless of the reason, diet dog food could help keep your dog’s weight on track.

Low-fat dog food tends to contain leaner sources of protein, such as turkey or chicken, as well as being rich in vegetables. This means it has a reduced calorie level and an increased fibre level, keeping your dog fuller for longer. Low-fat and low-calorie diets often also contain low-GI complex carbohydrates, which release energy slowly and reduce the risk of overeating.

Low-fat dog food is ideal for a variety of scenarios, including dogs with large appetites or dogs with a lower activity level.

Whether your dog prefers kibble or wet food, you're guaranteed plenty of low-fat, low-calorie variety at bitiba.co.uk. You can even check out our pick of the best low-fat dog snacks, so that you can still treat your dog on occasion, in a low-fat manner that provides the pleasure without the risk of excessive weight gain.

Explore our selection of popular low-fat dog food available at discount prices at bitiba.co.uk:

At bitiba.co.uk, feeding your overweight dog a low-fat diet won’t cost you a fortune.

Not what you were looking for? Check out our pick of the best organic and hypoallergenic dog food for dogs that require a specialist canine diet.

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