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Iams Dry Dog Food IAMS dog food is a perfect combination of nutrients and rich taste at a great value pri...
Iams Puppy Food Iams puppy food has been created to nourish puppies and give them everything they n...
Iams Adult Dog Food Iams Adult Dog Food with Iams' Proactive nutrition recipe is the perfect food for a...
Iams Large Dog food Iams Large Dog foods are especially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of large b...
Dry Iams Cat Food Iams dry cat food is specially formulated to provide the special nutritional requiremen...
Wet Iams Cat Food Choose Iams cat food, to help your cat enjoy a long, active, and healthy life. Iams cat...
Iams Adult Cat Food Iams offer a full range of products for adult cats to meet the needs of your kitty....
Iams Kitten Food Iams Kitten Food including wet and dry options are perfect for growing kittens and ...
Iams Senior Cat Food Iams Senior and Mature Cat Food is for older cats whose needs have changed. Older c...



Make every bowl count

Iam's contribution to pet nutrition started in 1946 when Paul F. Iams founded Iams Petfoods. Iams was an animal nutritionist, who spent time with vets and breeders to develop a nutritional philosophy based on the fact that cats and dogs are primarily carnivores. His ideas were instrumental in developing the first dry dog food based on animal protein, and have gone on to shape shape the petfood industry as we know it today. Iams commitment to pet health and welfare have brought innovations such as foods for multi-cat households and formulas tailored to life stage, such as senior dog foods. Iams foods proactively nourish your pet to promote lean and strong muscle, a healthy digestive system, strong teeth and bones, a healthy heart, healthy skin and shiny coat as well as a robust immune system.

Furthermore Iams was one of the first brands to:

  • Feed cats and dogs as carnivores, with a diet high in protein.

  • Develop dry foods that are based on animal protein, suited to the nutritional needs of each species.

  • Tailor foods to suit each life stage and size of animal, including growing puppies.

Iams offers a variety of foods for cats and dogs:

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  • Iams Puppy Food: puppy foods for different breed sizes.
  • Iams Dry Dog Food: dry dog foods tailored to breed sizes and different nutritional needs.
  • Iams Adult Dog Food: with variants for large and small breeds.
  • Iams Large Dog Food: food specifically for dogs over 25kg.
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  • Iams Dry Cat Food: specially formulated to provide the special nutritional requirements of your cat throughout the various phases of her life.
  • Iams Wet Cat Food: with the Iams Proactive nutrition recipe, to support your cat's health through its optimal content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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