thrive Pet Food

Thrive Cat Food

thrive pet food is made with the highest quality ingredients, to make delicious food that your pet will love. They contain no artificial additives or flavourings, just plenty of meat and all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your pet needs to stay healthy.

thrive Pet Food:

Cat Treats thrive cat treats are made from a single source of protein, making them both delicious ...
Wet Cat Food thrive wet cat food is rich in meat and fish, with no wheat or gluten. thrive wet food ...
Dry Cat Food thrive provides balanced and complete dry cat food with a high meat or fish content. th...
Dog Treats thrive dog treats are 100% meat, preserved in a natural freeze-drying process which enh...

thrive Pet Food

0% nonsense pet food and treats

thrive began in 2005 making premium dog and cat treats made entirely of 100% real meat and fish. This proved so popular that they have grown and grown, now offering dry and wet cat food produced to the same flavoursome standards.

thrive cat and dog treats are made from 100% pure meat and fish, which is then air- or freeze-dried to maintain the natural nutrients and flavours as freshly as possible. Their range of cat food is grain-free and hypoallergenic, with a meat content of up to 90%. It contains no artificial colours or flavours, simply a clear list of ingredients to make it clear what you’re feeding your pet.

thrive are committed to providing high quality food made from premium ingredients. Every thrive product complies with current UK and EU animal welfare legislation, and their fish products are derived from sustainable sources. The packaging used is as close to 100% recyclable as possible.

You can discover thrive’s great range of cat food and cat and dog treats here at bitiba:

  • thrive Cat Treats: hypoallergenic treats made of 100% meat or fish, packed in a handy tube and available in a range of enticing flavours
  • thrive Dry Cat Food: complete and nutritionally balanced food that is high in protein and easy to digest
  • thrive Wet Cat Food: this complete food contains over 75% meat or fish, with an optimal level of vital hydration
  • thrive Dog Treats: made from human-grade ingredients, and nothing but pure meat, these treats are delicious and convenient to carry around
Treat your pet to this fantastic range of delicious premium-quality food.

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