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Harringtons Pet Food:

Dog Food Harringtons dog food is 100% natural complete food. It contains no wheat, dairy, so...
Adult Dog Food Harringtons adult dog food is a complete food made with completely natural ingredie...
Puppy Food This tasty puppy food is rich in protein, with no wheat, soya, or artificial additi...
Dog Treats Harringtons dog treats are made from natural ingredients, with no wheat, sugar, or ...
Cat Food Harringtons cat food has been developed to offer your cat a delicious and healthy f...

Harringtons Pet Food

The Natural Choice

Local Quality
Harringtons is a Yorkshire-based, family-owned pet food company that aims to provide quality food at a reasonable price. All of their products contain natural ingredients, locally sourced where possible, with no artificial colours or flavours.

Sustainable Business
Harringtons is committed to reducing their environmental impact, something which is reflected in their products. Sourcing many ingredients locally means that transport costs are reduced, in addition to supporting local businesses. All of their packaging is recyclable, and they have even designed a compostable bag. This all works towards their aim of sustainable business that will last.

Premium Dog Food
Harringtons dog food is a complete diet, developed to provide your dog with all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to live a healthy and active life. Natural antioxidants, for example, such as vitamins E and C, can help to counteract the free radicals which may accelerate the progression of certain diseases.

High Quality Cat Food
Harringtons cat food provides your cat with a wholesome food free from grain, soya, and dairy. The range has been developed to the same high standards that have made Harringtons dog food such a success – quality food with delicious natural ingredients.

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