Fish Granules, Pellets & Sticks

Fish Granules, Pellets & Sticks

The right fish food doesn't necessarily have to mean flakes. Offer your fish some variety from the alternatives you can find in this section. Fish granules, pellets and sticks come in a variety of brands such as; Tetra, Sera, Hikari and JBL.

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Tetra FreshDelica Jelly
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Tetra FreshDelica Jelly
Supplementary feed, rich in vitmains, trace elements, proteins and fats, the snack is also suitable for marine fish

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Bloodworms (48g) RRP*  £5.30
Our Price  £2.79

( £5.81 / 100g)

Tetra Cichlid Granules
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Tetra Cichlid Granules
A complete mix feed for all types of medium-sized Cichlids, with the patented BioActive Formula.

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500ml RRP*  £15.90
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( £20.98 / l)

Multibuy: 2 x 500ml individually priced £20.98
Now £17.99

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Tetra Cichlid Sticks
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Tetra Cichlid Sticks
A staple food for all Cichlids and other large ornamental fish, which contains the patented BioActive formula.

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1000ml RRP*  £21.60
Our Price  £14.99

( £14.99 / l)


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