Orijen Dry Cat Food

Produced in Alberta, Canada by an independent, family-owned business, Orijen is a ‘biologically appropriate’ dry cat food. This means that it only contains foods that cats are naturally evolved to eat and enriched with fresh, local ingredients. Orijen dry cat food is 75% meat and 25% regional fruit and vegetables, and is 100% free of any cereals.
Orijen Cat Food now has new package designs. It is still the same top quality food with proven recipes, just with a new look!
Please note: During the change-over period your order may include both the old and the new package design.

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Orijen Chicken Cat & Kitten
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Orijen Chicken Cat & Kitten
This tasty dish is biologically-appropriate for cats of any age or breed. Made in Canada with nutritious premium protein from freshly-sourced meat, this diet is also cereal-free.

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( £7.96 / kg)

Orijen Cat 6 Fish
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Orijen Cat 6 Fish
A premium, grain-free dry food that contains a high content of wholesome fish as a source of protein. This diet is biologically appropriate, so it is perfect for cats with nutritional allergies.

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( £9.07 / kg)

Orijen Regional Red Cat
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Orijen Regional Red Cat
This biologically-appropriate kibble is packed full of delicious lamb, bison & wild boar alongside other prime Canadian ingredients, in a protein-rich grain-free recipe.

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( £10.37 / kg)


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