Stamp Card Terms & Conditions

The bitiba stamp card is our way of thanking you for your loyalty as a bitiba customer. The following terms and conditions apply to collecting Stamps, redeeming vouchers and the general structure and rules of the bitiba Stamp Card:

1. Participation

All registered customers with a customer account are eligible to participate. Participation is free of charge and part of the bitiba customer account.

2. bitiba Stamp

2.1 General

The calculations for the bitiba Stamp Card are virtual stamps, which are credited to the customer's stamp card connected to their personal customer account. Stamps or loyalty points from other reward programmes cannot be converted into bitiba Stamps. Credit for bitiba Stamps and bitiba Stamp Cards are not transferable and have no cash value. The current balance of your bitiba stamp card is available on the website under 'My Account' and can be viewed by the customer at any time.

2.2 Earning Stamps

bitiba Stamps are earned automatically on every order from 20.01.2020 as soon as payment has been received and the goods have been dispatched. On every paid and shipped bitiba order totalling £25 and over, your bitiba stamp card will be credited with virtual stamps. You will receive 1 bitiba Stamp for every £25 of the order value. E.g. for an order totalling £260 you will receive 10 stamps. The remaining £10 are not carried forward to the next order. For certain specific promotions, additional bitiba Stamps can be earned, according to the rules of the pro-motion as described on the website.

2.3 Exclusion from bitiba Stamp Credit

Only a maximum of 15 Stamp Cards can be completed per calendar year. Once you have attained a total of 15 completed Stamp Cards no further stamps will be issued until the start of the next calendar year. bitiba reserves the right not to award stamps for contractual offers that appear to be for the purpose of commercial resale of the goods. Items with a selling price of £0 (e.g. samples, loyalty gifts, free gifts), redeemed vouchers and other discounts as well as subsequent deliveries, shipping costs or other service charges will not be included in the calculation of the order value. Certain other services may also be excluded from bitiba Stamp credits. bitiba reserves the right not to credit stamps for contract offers that appear to be submitted for the purpose of commercial resale of the goods.

2.4 bitiba Stamp Credit Procedures

bitiba Stamps are automatically credited to a customer's bitiba Stamp Card when the order has been paid in full, the payment has been completely booked in the bitiba system, and the goods have been dispatched. Stamps are credited only to the account with the customer number that was used to place the order. If a customer orders via multiple bitiba customer accounts, the stamps will be credited to the specific customer account used to place that order. It is not possible to transfer stamps from one customer account to another.

2.5 Expiration of bitiba Stamps

If no further orders are placed with bitiba within 6 months after earning the last stamp, the entire bitiba stamp card will expire. The date of expiry is clearly indicated in your personal 'My Account' page. The stamp card will also expire if a customer account is blocked for legitimate reasons.

3. Converting a completed Stamp Card into vouchers

3.1 General

As soon as you have collected 16 bitiba Stamps and after payment and dispatch of your last order, you will automatically unlock a voucher for the value of £16. To redeem the voucher, click on the relevant button in 'My Account' and the voucher will be added to your shopping basket.

3.2 Conditions for redeeming bitiba Stamp Cards

The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue and can be redeemed with every normal order with a minimum order value of £15.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Programme Termination

bitiba reserves the right to terminate the bitiba Stamp Card loyalty programme at any time or to replace it with another programme.

4.2 Changes

bitiba reserves the right to change or amend the bitiba Stamp Card Terms & Conditions, vouchers or other written participation conditions and explanations at any time. Damage claims against bitiba due to country-specific changes are excluded. Changes or amendments to these terms and conditions will be announced by publication on the website.

In addition, the general Terms & Conditions of Business apply to all orders and deliveries between bitiba GmbH, Herzog-Wilhelm-Strasse 12, 80331 Munich, Germany (hereinafter bitiba) and its customers via the online shop You can find details of the general Terms & Conditions here.


Data Protection Policy

Bitiba takes the protection of its customers' data seriously. The bitiba Data Protection Policy is available here.

Status of Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions: 10 March 2022.