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Puppy Foods

Got a new puppy at home? In this section you can find everything you need for your puppy's diet from wet puppy food to dry puppy food and not forgetting the puppy treats!

Puppy Foods

Find everything your young dog needs to keep it happy, healthy and active!

Welcoming a new young puppy in to your home is an exciting time, but there are plenty of things required to keep your dog well cared for. Here at bitiba we offer an extensive range of everything your puppy needs, including both dry and wet food, treats and a range of different milks and supplements from various premium names that ensure you are offering your new pet the best possible start in life.
Here at bitiba we also offer a selection of puppy starter sets, which are ideal if you are new to the dog-owning business! These starter sets generally combine a selection of both wet and dry food options to discover your puppy’s preferences, as well as a fun toy to keep your new pet entertained!

Browse the full range of Puppy Foods available here at bitiba

Here you can find everything you need to prepare you and your home for the arrival of a new furry friend.
Bitiba can offer all the food and accessories needed for a new puppy.

  • Puppy Starter Sets: a puppy starter set is the best option if you have never owned a puppy before, as well as being useful if you have owned many dogs over the years! The bundles contain wet and dry food that will excite your puppy’s tastebuds and meet nutritional needs, as well as fun toys to keep your puppy entertained!
  • Puppy Dry Food: this selection of puppy kibble has been specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of young dogs, with essential nutrients for growth and development both inside and out. Many of these puppy kibbles can also be fed to pregnant or nursing mothers, as they are enriched with key nutrition that promotes overall good health and wellbeing. Choose from a range of well-known, premium brand names at great value prices!
  • Puppy Wet Food: wet food is the ideal addition to a puppy’s diet, bringing variety, flavour and texture, as well as offering key nutrients that can help with good development. Here at bitiba we offer a range of cans, pouches and trays, all offering tailored nutrition and in a range of flavours that every dog will love. There are also mixed trial packs, which allow you to find out your puppy’s favourite flavours!
  • Puppy Treats: these early months are essential in your young dog’s training, as your puppy is at a very “teachable” age! Using treats and snacks can be a great way to encourage learning and good behaviour, with a range of options tailored to the teeth and gums of puppies and offering added health benefits. Chews can also be a great help in saving your furniture from destruction by sharp puppy teeth and claws!
  • Puppy Milk & Supplements: as your puppy is finding its feet, puppy milk can be essential in providing key nutrients and antibodies, which would usually be provided by the mother. There are also various mousses and supplements that will keep your young puppy happy and nourished. And if your new puppy is struggling to adjust to its new surroundings, why not try a stress-relief collar?

Here at bitiba, we offer a great range of delightful puppy products to help make the addition of a new four-legged friend simple.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your puppy gets off on the best foot!

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