Dog Shop: Dog Foods

Take a look at our wide selection of discounted dog food here at bitiba. Whether it's complete dog food or supplementary - You'll find lots of popular brands of dry dog food, dog treats, wet dog food, and dog food supplements all at great prices.

Everything for dogs – Affordable dog accessories at the bitiba dog shop

In the bitiba dog shop, you will an A-Z of dog supplies and accessories from all kinds of brand manufacturers. Along with an extensive selection of high-quality products for dogs, you will benefit from attractive conditions for online shopping. Here you will find suitable accessories for all dogs – for large or small breeds, from Great Danes to Chihuahuas.

Dog supplies for all occasions

Whatever dog supplies you're looking for, you will most probably find them in the bitiba dog shop. Here is a summary of what we offer:

• Dog food (dry food, wet food, chew snacks, food supplements and special food), food bowls

• Dog beds, sofas, crates and kennels

• Collars, harnesses and dog leads, dog clothing

• Dog training, dog toys, car and bike accessories, dog sports

• Dog grooming, clippers

• Products for puppies and young dogs

What is the right food for your dog?

Dry food, wet food or a combination of the two are suitable options for your dog's main food. You should always offer your four-legged friend dry food along with a bowl of fresh water. Grain-free dog food is recommended for gluten intolerance. Chew snacks and other treats make good training rewards and occasional bites, as well as supporting dental care. In addition, our dog shop offers food supplements and special foods for particular areas, e.g. senior and diet food and dog food focusing on the hair and skin or bones and joints.

What dog accessories do you need for walks?

For walks, you need a dog lead and collar. Alternatively, you can buy a full harness from our dog shop. This is a good option for dogs that pull a lot on the lead, because the pressure isn't solely concentrated on their throat. Dog shoes are also a sensible purchase for severe frost, injured paws or walks with jagged stones. If you go out cycling with your dog, you can buy special bike leads from our dog shop, including spacers or dog bike baskets. There are of course biodegradable poo bags too.

Accessories for dog sport & training

There are high-quality training aids in our dog shop, such as clickers, training leads and dog whistles. Training dummies, GPS trackers and dog cameras are also available. Products to reduce stress, such as travel sprays, collars with relaxation pheromones and anti-anxiety food supplements are part of our range too. Dog toys in the bitiba shop are wide-ranging, including balls and squeakers, as well as play ropes and rings, chew toys, water toys and dog pools.

Which top brands are in the bitiba dog shop?

Depending on which product you're looking for, you can choose from many top brands for dog supplies and accessories. You will probably know some of them already, whilst others may be new to you. The following summary features some examples of top brands from different areas of our well-stocked dog shop.

• Dog food: Pedigree, bosch, Josera, Royal Canin, Wolf Wilderness, Mera

• Dog furniture and kennels: Trixie, Spike, Pawz & Pepper, Ferplast

• Collars, harnesses and leads: flexi, HUNTER, Heim, Max & Molly, Ruffwear

• Dog training and toys: Trixie, Heim, KONG, Chuckit!

• Car and bike accessories, dog sport: PetSafe, Trixie, Kleinmetall, Hafenbande

• Grooming products: Pet Teezer, FURminator, Moser, KONG

Use our practical brand search and discover all top brands at bitiba. Have fun browsing!