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Dog Shop: Dog Foods

Take a look at our wide selection of discounted dog food here at bitiba. Whether it's complete dog food or supplementary - You'll find lots of popular brands of dry dog food, dog treats, wet dog food, and dog food supplements all at great prices.

Dog food

The woofs have it! Dinner time has been voted the most important time of day by dogs.

So it's a good thing that you can buy dog food online and bitiba is here to help! With quality dog food from a range of dog food suppliers, at great-value discount prices, including Royal Canin, Hill's Science Plan, James Wellbeloved and many more!

Too much choice? Don't terrier yourself up about it; we'll talk you through your options for premium brand dogfood.

Picking a dog food brand can be a right dog's dinner

Whether you're looking for dry dog food, wet dog food, tasty dog treats or dog supplements, bitiba has everything you need for dinner time. Here are our top tips for buying dog food online, to guarantee wagging tails and empty dinner bowls!

How big is your dog?

When buying dog food remember to think about the size and age of your dog. Most brands like Eukanuba have special foods for puppies and older dogs. Puppies need high energy foods to help them with the rapid growing process, as well as lots of protein and nutrients for strong bones and muscles, whereas senior dogs need less calories and more fibre because they aren't moving as much.
Specialist dog food suppliers also recognise that different sized dogs will have different needs, such as smaller kibble for little mouths, or large kibble to stop big dogs wolfing their food down too quickly! Royal Canin Size has a range specially made for the needs of different sized dogs.

Wet Dog Food vs. Dry Dog Food

Unsure whether to feed your dog wet or dry food? We'll break it down for you. Dry dog food is great for keeping your pup's teeth strong and doesn't spoil like wet food, so it can be left out all day for your dog to graze on. Wet dog food is really tasty and provides moisture and hydration for your pet. You can always mix the two! If you are feeding your dog a complete dry diet make sure that there is plenty of water available. No matter what decision you make, dogfood is a winner!

Complete Dog Food vs. Supplementary Dog Food

What exactly is the difference between complete and supplementary food? Complete dog foods give your dog all the nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy in one meal, without you having to feed it anything on top. Supplementary foods tend to be for dogs who need a little extra TLC, and are not part of a complete diet so will need to be combined with other foods.

Special Care

Does your dog have any additional health needs? Perhaps it has sore skin, achy joints or a sensitive stomach. Bitiba has a range of supplements to help your dog stay happy and healthy, as well as a range of specialised complete dogfood such as Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, for pups who need a bit of extra looking after.

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