Cat Shop: Cat supplies

Here at bitiba, we offer a great selection of cat supplies at discount prices. Here you'll find various great brands of cat litter, cat scratching posts, cat flaps, cat beds, and much more to keep your furry friend purring – all at a brilliant price!

Cat Accessories

Cat Litter

Bitiba offers a great selection of silica, clay and biodegradable litters, as well as a range of scented and non-scented varieties to ensure that every cat litter tray fits your cat’s requirements.

Cat Litter Boxes and Cat Litter Trays

Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays are essential in every cat-owning household. Large or small, round or square, open or hooded - there are cat litter trays to meet every preference and litter box accessories like litter tray liners and mats to help keep the toilet area clean.

Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

Save your furniture and upholstery from spikey cat claws with our selection of cat trees and scratch mats, with something for every space and a range of sturdy toys that your cat will love.

Feliway, Grooming & Care

There are many occasions in life that can be stressful for a cat. Remove some of that stress with our premium Feliway products, designed to calm and soothe felines!

Cat Beds & Cat Baskets

Just like you, your cat will appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep. Choose from a range of different beds in styles and sizes for everyone.

Cat Flaps & Nets

If you are away from home and will not be able to let your cat in and out, then a cat flap is a must for your outdoor cat. We offer a range of innovative designs, including microchip cat flaps.

Cat Toys

Every cat can be entertained for hours with the selection of cat toys available at bitiba. Cat danglers, catnip toys, balls and battery operated toys to imitate prey are just some of what your cat has to choose from!

Cat Bowls & Cat Fountains

Make eating and drinking more pleasant for your cat. We offer cat bowls, placemats and cat food storage.

Cat Collars & Transport

A cat collar is extremely important, especially if your cat will be roaming free outside of the house. Choose from a great range in a number of styles, with everything your feline companion could wish for!