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Dog Crates & Dog Travel

Discover our great selection of dog travel products which will make any journey with your pup a breeze. Find dog cages and dog crates that will insure your dog stays in place during transport. A dog carrier is always helpful during car journeys, as are dog car harnesses and dog car mats which will make driving with your pet as co-pilot hassle free.

Dog biking accessories

Dog Crates

Life made easy for travelling dogs (and their owners)

Dog Crate make travelling easier and more relaxing for dogs and their owners.
Here's a few things to consider before purchasing a crate:

Size: Measure your dog's height & length from Paw to Ears and Nose to Tail. The crate should be at least 6 inches longer & taller than your dog to give it enough space to turn round completely. If your dog is still a puppy consider purchasing a crate that is a couple of sizes larger and is compatible with or comes with a divider that will adapt as your puppy grows.
Material: We offer crates in 3 types of materials: fabric (soft), metal, or plastic.
Soft crates are especially good dog crates for cars if you do lots of local traveling, or work as a home away from home place to sleep for your pet. Most fold up for easy storage at home or in the car and they are soft and comfortable often with extra padding and lining materials. They do however require frequent washing to remove odours & dog hair.
Metal crates are solid, durable and sturdy and offer plenty of fresh air and ventilation when the weather gets hot. They can be a bit heavier than their plastic counterparts but are ideal dog crates for cars, to leave in place in your car's boot for frequent use. Most include a easy to clean plastic tray and can be easily wiped down.
Plastic crates are suitable for long distances and flight transport, they are light and easy to wash. They are generally not as durable as metal crates and tend to be used more for smaller dogs and other pets. They do offer less air circulation in the summer but are great for dogs who dislike travel and like to hide away when travelling.

Dog Biking Accessories

Cycle comfortably with your dogs with our selection of Dog Bike Trailers and Bicycle Baskets.

Dog Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Belts

Make car journeys safer with our Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Harnesses. We also offer a Car Net to make sure your dog doesn't wander around in the car and Protective Car Boot Bars with adjustable width and height.