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Bozita has a perfectly balanced diet for the whole life-cycle of your pet.The food is made entirely without antibiotics and hormones from Swedish ingredients. Bozita pet food is easily digestible and supports all body functions and also contributes to your pet's health.

Here are just a few of our Bozita items featured below:

Bozita Pet Food

Bozita pet food is produced in Sweden, where strict legislation permits only the use of the finest ingredients and fresh meat of human-grade quality. As a result of Swedish legislation, all Bozita products are also free from hormones, antibiotics and artificial additives. Bozita has over a century's worth of experience producing nutritious pet food, so you can be confident that this range of wet and dry food will meet all of your pet's dietary needs.

Top-quality dog & cat food

Bozita Dog Food Range

Bozita dog food is proudly made using as many local Swedish ingredients as possible.

  • Bozita Dry Dog Food: high-quality kibble suitable for junior, adult and senior dogs, as well as for dogs with specific nutritional requirements, such as sensitive, overweight and large-breed dogs
  • Bozita Cat Food Range

    Bozita cat food contains the finest natural ingredients, including high-quality fresh meat.

  • Bozita Dry Cat Food: balanced kibble for kittens and adult cats, including individual diets for indoor, sensitive and long-haired cats
  • Bozita Wet Cat Food: complete wet food with a high meat content, available in practical cans or environmentally-friendly tetra paks
  • Don't forget to get your pet a tasty treat too! We have a great range of natural dog chews and cat treats to combine with your Bozita Pet Food: great for giving your pet a little something extra.

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