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Cosma cat food is a premium diet, made of pure meat or fish. Cosma cat food offers nutrition developed just for cats and irresistible indulgence. Cosma cat food - pure meat, real love!

Here are just a few of our featured Cosma products:

Cosma Cat Food

100% natural cat food diets to please every palate!

Cosma cat food is made using pure meat or fish in 100% natural, perfectly balanced recipes that your cat will adore and that will ensure your feline is well-nourished and healthy. It is available in a range of different flavour varieties, to cater for every preference and ensure each and every cat can look forward to its mealtimes.
Each of the Cosma cat food ranges contains a different kind of flavour for your cat to enjoy, but all of the recipes are rich in essential nutrients and are designed to meet specific dietary needs, as well as offering luxurious taste experiences. These premium Cosma cat food dishes are even available in mixed variety packs, so that you can bring a range of different flavours to your cat’s food bowl and surprise it with a new gourmet meal every day!

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Cosma cat food is available in a range of different flavours and styles, to meet every cat’s needs and provide nutrition for everyone.
Cosma cat food is wholesome and delicious, using key nutrients to support overall health and wellbeing.

  • Cosma Thai: the Thai range of Cosma cat food is available in both pouches and canned varieties, encased in delicious jelly and enriched with rice for added flavour, texture and carbohydrates. It brings your cat a taste of the exotic, using premium natural ingredients that are freshly prepared for full flavour and freshness. Choose from a range of luxury flavours including shrimp, crab and chicken liver, to please even the fussiest feline!
  • Cosma Original: Cosma original cat food uses the finest quality meat or fish encased in a wholesome jelly, using essential nutrients that will nourish your cat and ensure a complete, balanced diet with every meal. There are various poultry and fish flavours to ensure everyone is catered for.
  • Cosma Glory: Cosma Glory is for the true gourmand, offering fine dining for every feline and a sophisticated taste experience like no other - quail eggs, caviar and king prawns are just some of the unbelievably luxurious options you can spoil your cat with!
  • Cosma Nature: This delicious cat food contains fresh, natural ingredients and is completely additive-free, so you know you're proving your cat with a great taste and a healthy meal.
  • Cosma Snackies: Cosma Cat snacks provide a completely natural 100% pure meat or fish supplementary food. These cat treats are a great way to make your pet's daily routine more interesting or to show you care. They are available in different flavours and sizes!

All Cosma Cat Food dishes are designed to provide your cat with a wholesome and species-appropriate diet.
This selection of Cosma Cat Food has been formulated to meet every cat’s needs, with a range of irresistibly tasty dishes.

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