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Specially formulated to match the age, size and sensitivity of your cat. Made with ingredients of high quality plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives applied. With the great taste your pet loves. 

Clinically proven nutrition to help alleviate most important health conditions affecting cats and dogs. Carefully formulated based on extensive research, using only the best ingredients from trusted sources, to transform the lives Of pets and the people who care for them.


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Hill’s Pet Food

Browse the comprehensive range of Hill’s Pet Food for dogs and cats!

Hill’s Pet Food covers a broad selection of different options, with dishes available for both dogs and cats, as well as various breeds and ages within these categories. Choose from Hill’s Science Plan, which offers all round health care for the cat or dog with good health and no specific needs, or Nature’s Best, which relies on entirely natural ingredients and contains an extra vegetable content. There is also Hill’s Prescription Diet, which caters for the needs of pets with specific veterinary needs.
Hill’s Science Plan offers a comprehensive range of feline and canine dishes, with dry and wet varieties as well as specific age related dishes. You can also choose lighter dishes if your pet is prone to weight gain. Each Hill’s Science Plan dish has been designed to offer full flavour that your pet will adore, as well as a great balance of nutrients for overall wellbeing.

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    Hill’s Dog Food:
    • Hill’s Science Plan Dry Dog Food: Hill’s Science Plan offers tasty flavours and top quality nutrition, with special diets for dental health and to support dogs with sensitive skin or digestion. It is complete and balanced, offering options for every size and age of dog, as well as mobility support for larger breeds and light options for dogs prone to weight gain. Hill’s Science Plan is the perfect dish for everyone!
    • Hill’s Science Plan Wet Dog Food: complete a kibble diet with tasty variety and wonderful texture, by adding a Hill’s Science Plan wet dog food, including Savoury Turkey and Delicious Beef and with corresponding dishes to combine with the Hill’s Science Plan dry dishes.
    • Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food: Hill’s Prescription Diet offers clinically proven nutritional solutions to a range of health issues that are common amongst dogs, including skin problems, kidney disorders, gastrointestinal issues or obesity. Help get your dog back up to optimal health!
    Hill’s Cat Food:
    • Hill’s Science Plan Dry Cat Food: Hill’s Science Plan dry cat food supports your cat through every phase of its life, even accommodating more specialised needs such as hairball control and post-sterilisation nutrition. This Hill’s Science Plan kibble is complete, balanced and nutrition, the ideal diet for any feline.
    • Hill’s Science Plan Wet Cat Food: a pouch or can full of tasty Hill’s Science Plan wet cat food is the perfect way to round of your cat’s diet, especially if you have a fussy feline that demands nothing short of luxury and loves a gourmet meal. Hill’s Science Plan offers balanced nutrition in a range of flavours and styles, with something for everyone and bound to be a success.
    • Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food: whether your cat has thyroid issues, cardiovascular problems or is recovering from a severe illness or surgery, Hill’s Prescription Diet has a dish for you. It is available in wet and dry varieties so that every cat can enjoy a wholesome meal it loves, even whilst struggling with potentially debilitating health issues.

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