Rabbit Hutches

Choose from our wide range of Hutches for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals. These hutches will provide the necessary protection for your pet from the elements as well as predators, ensuring a comfortable home.

1 - 2 of 2 results
1 - 2 of 2 results
1 - 2 of 2 results

A double-storey XL hutch with spacious sleeping area & sliding door to the hutch & a close-able hatchway to the large run. Extra storage space under the opening roof. Weather-proof.

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135 x 115 x 112 cm (L x W x H) (2 parcels*)

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2-storey rabbit cage with extra space for animals to play, with plastic ramp, includes 2 water bottles, 2 food bowls, 2 hay racks, on wheels, easy to clean, bar spacing: 2.2cm

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Black: 120 x 60 x 116cm (L x W x H)
RRP* £139.99
Our Price £130.99

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Hutches for Rabbit & Guinea Pig

Find a quality hutch to keep your small pet safe and secure!

Here at bitiba we offer an extensive range of rabbit and guinea pig hutches which are the perfect outdoor housing solution for your small pet. Keep your rabbit, guinea pig or other small pets safe from the elements or predators, whilst they are outside.
All of our guinea pig and rabbit hutches are of premium quality, available from a number of well-known names and all offering unbeatable protection. There are also a selection of different sizes, with different storeys and insulation options for the winter. And for the chic small pet, we even offer luxury hutches!

Browse the full range of Hutches for Rabbit & Guinea Pig available here at bitiba

Choose the right size and style of hutch for your pet’s needs.
These rabbit hutches and guinea pig hutches all offer unrivalled protection outdoors.

  • Hutches: here at bitba we offer plenty of rabbit hutch options, with all-season hutches and even options with integrated runs. They all offer protection and comfort, the perfect space for your small pet to live on a daily basis. There are also fun designs such as castles and ranches, with options offering easy cleaning with removable trays and even hutch starter sets that provide everything you need to start your small pet journey! There are also extra-large options for bigger breeds or multi-pet households, and luxury options offering style and sophistication.
  • Special Hutches: there are a number of special rabbit hutch options, including both single and double storey options depending on your preference, and indoor rabbit hutches for if you are lacking in outdoor space or simply prefer to keep your pet indoors. Many of these include bowls and bottles, as well as sleeping areas. We also offer a range of rabbit hutch covers and insulation, which are ideal during the colder winter months!

Choose the perfect hutch for your rabbit or guinea pig, browsing by size, style or brand name depending on your own personal preferences.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your small pet can live in style!

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