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Small Pet Hutches, Cages & Runs

Your small pet needs a comfortable home & here at bitiba we offer a wide range of options to suit all needs, from hutches for rabbits to cages for hamsters. You can be sure that these small pet hutches & cages will provide the necessary protection for your pet from the elements as well as predators, as well as a cosy place to curl up! We also have a range of runs so that your small pet can exercise in safety. Find the perfect cage or run for your small animal here.

Small Pet Cages

Find the perfect new home for your small pet with our range of cages and hutches!

Here at bitiba we offer a broad range of small pet cages and hutches, which can be a great way to ensure your small pet lives a comfortable and happy life! With everything from ferret cages to rabbit hutches, there is bound to be something here to meet your small pet cage needs.
We offer a selection of well-known brand names of top quality small pet cages and hutches, as well as innovative solutions for use during travel or for moving around. There are even multi-storey small pet cages that are ideal for providing plenty of space for your pet to move around in, especially if there is more than one pet in each cage. Choosing the ideal small pet cage can help make life perfect for your loved one!

Browse the full range of Small Pet Cages available here at bitiba

Choosing the right size and style of cage can be essential for keeping your pet in optimum health and happiness.
We also offer small pet cages in various different materials suitable for different conditions.

  • Indoor cages: hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, mice, ferrets, rats - no matter your pet preferences, we have a range of small pet cages to meet every need. These small pet cages are of premium quality and extremely sturdy, with a range of features to keep your small pet cared for and entertained. A small pet cage can be easily kitted out to meet your pet’s needs, with water bottles, food bowls and even ranges of toys and exercise equipment to keep your small pet cage exciting.
  • Hutches: for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets a hutch is an ideal way to keep your pet safe and comfortable when outdoors. All of our guinea pig and rabbit hutches offer protection and comfort, the perfect space for your small pet to live on a daily basis. There are a number of special hutch options, including both single and double storey options to give your pet ample room!
  • Transport cages: if you need a handy way to get your small pet to the vet, or are taking it with you whilst you're on the go, then a smaller transport cage is a must-have. We offer a range including hard cages and soft options, as well as extendable transport cages, all featuring ventilation and sufficient space.

Finding the perfect small pet cage for your little one can be essential in offering your small pet a happy, comfortable life.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your small pet can live in style!

Complete your small pet’s home with the extensive range of Cage Accessories available here at bitiba!