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Wet Dog Food: Cans and Pouches

Discover the huge variety of tasty wet dog food at bitiba. Tinned dog food and pouches can be a complete meal on their own or you can serve your dog a delicious meal of wet and dry dog food to create a balanced canine nutrition. Cans and pouches come in all sorts of different sizes and flavours, and you will find a great range of products here, all at amazing prices. And you can find the right dry dog food here.

Puppy & Senior wet dog food

Wet Dog Food

It's dinner time! And deliciously meaty wet food for dogs is on the table.

There's a lot on the menu, including your favourite wet dog food brands like James Wellbeloved, Hill's Science Plan, Nature Diet and Hill's Prescription Diet, for dogs who need some extra TLC.

Here at bitiba we offer quality dog food brands at discount prices, so make dinner time extra special with our delicious range of wet dog foods.

Here's the scoop on wet dog food

Whether you're in the market for a complete wet diet or are looking to mix and match wet and dry food for your dog, we're here to give you the low-down on wet dog food.

Less chemical additives

Because all wet dog foods are sealed into nifty pouches and cans, they don't need any synthetic preservatives and will still last longer than most dry dog food brands. You do need to refrigerate individual cans when open though!

Savour the flavour

As wet dog food comes in individual cans and pouches, it's much easier to give your dog something different every day. If your dog gets bored easily, wet dog food can be an easy way to get some variety in it's diet- plus most dogs find wet food more appetising!

Easy on the teeth

If you have an older dog who's struggling to chew kibble, wet dog food can be a great solution! It's high water content makes it much softer on the teeth. Don't underestimate the benefits of dry kibble on dental health in early years though- it can be a great way to keep those gnashers clean!

Moisture Content

Wet dog food has a much higher moisture content than dry food meaning that your dog will stay hydrated. It also means that your dog will feel fuller without ingesting any extra calories! Always serve plenty of fresh water with any dry food.

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