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Cat Toys

Even the hardest-to-please cat will have a tough time saying no to these fun toys. Turn any choosy cat into a playful puss with our fantastic range of toys for cats. Whether you want to play with your cat, or are looking for something Sir Whiskers can play with on his own, your cat will never be bored again.

Cat Toys

Bring energy and fun into your household with our range of Cat Toys!

The following tips can be helpful in choosing the right toy for your cat:

1. Size: Make sure the size of any toy you purchase is appropriate for the size of your cat.
2. Materials & durability: Durable materials are better. Check for quality and purchase sturdy toys that do not fall apart easily.
3. Safety: Does your cat put everything in its mouth? Good Quality Cat Toys are designed specifically for cats with safety in mind and so don't have small removable parts or parts that can be easily chewed off. Always check toys for cats & kittens are made from non-toxic materials as well.
4. Washable: With Plush and Fabric toys are they machine washable? Un-hygienic toys not only start to smell but can also harbour dangerous amounts of bacteria so will need to be washed regularly.
5. Stimulating effect: There are natural oils & plants that can stimulate the senses of your cat. Catnip for example can be used to train your cat and attract your cat to certain toys or certain areas of your home. Valerian is another herb that can arouse the olfactory senses of your cat. Both of these herbs can help with stress relief and when contained in or sprayed on to toys or scratching posts they can promote exercise and ignite your cats' curiosity to explore.

Do Cats need Toys to play with? What are the benefits?

Exercise: Often cats living in busy towns and cities spend most of their time indoors, sometimes they seem happy to sleep all day but for their own good they need to be active. It is not uncommon for cats living a sedentary lifestyle to end up suffering from weight problems and related diseases. Healthy cats get regular exercise, and toys are perfect for keeping your cat interested and moving for long periods of time.

Anxiety management: Like humans, cats can also get bored or anxious. Cats have Natural Instincts which often they can't display in the home or which they might display where you'd rather they didn't@ Such as scratching on Furniture and carpets. Exercise and play are good ways to alleviate symptoms of depression or boredom in cats and it has also been shown that frequent playtime can reduce aggressiveness and unwanted behaviours.

Brain training: Games can help cats develop their skills and enhance their intelligence. Cats are natural born hunters and enjoy a challenge that will keep them occupied.

Bonding: When you take the time to play with your cat and have a good time together your bond becomes stronger. Most cats enjoy human contact and playing together gives the perfect opportunity. It has also been shown that playing games can reduce stress & anxiety in humans, so you will both benefit from sharing some time together.

Better relaxation: Active cats can also relax and rest better than non-active ones. Unused energy can leave your cat fidgety and unable to form a regular sleeping pattern: which we all know can severely affect our own sleep too.

Here's a brief overview of some of the toys for cats available to you at bitiba:

  • Interactive Toys: mazes and boards to stimulate your cat's innate curiosity, as well as treat balls which require careful thinking before a reward.
  • Laser Toys: cats love moving targets and these toys will keep them chasing for hours. Help your cat improve their coordination and pouncing instincts.
  • Tunnels: does your cat love to hide and snooze? Then it will love playing for hours with these tunnels.
  • Toy Mice: perfect for playing and pouncing! These cute toy mice made from various materials for your cat to chase and stalk.
  • Catnip Toys: let your cat be mesmerised with these catnip-scented toys. The catnip in our toys helps to increase activity level and interest – this helps your cat to stay fit and healthy!
  • Kitten Toys: kitten soft balls, kitten mice and other toys designed for small paws will help you build up a relationship built on trust with your kitten.

We also offer a wide range of Dog Toys to make sure any dogs in your household don't feel left out!

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