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Catsan Cat Litter

Catsan Litter
CatSan Cat litter comes in both clumping and non-clumping varieties. This lightweight cat litter is especially effective at locking in odours before they have time to develop, so your cat feels comfortable and secure when it uses the litter tray.

Catsan Cat Litter:

Catsan Hygiene Plus Cat Litter

9.29 16.99 GBP 2
(£0.46 / l)
Multibuy: 2 x 20l
individually priced £18.58
Now £16.99
(£0.42 / l)

Catsan Smart Pack

5.49 14.99 GBP 2
2 Pack
RRP*  £7.65
Our Price  £5.49
Multibuy: 3 x 2 Pack
individually priced £16.47
Now £14.99

Catsan Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

12.99 12.99 GBP 1
(£0.87 / l)

Catsan Active Fresh Clumping Litter

9.29 24.99 GBP 2
(£1.16 / l)
Multibuy: 3 x 8l
individually priced £27.87
Now £24.99
(£1.04 / l)

Catsan Naturelle Plus Cat Litter

11.99 22.99 GBP 2
(£0.60 / l)
Multibuy: 2 x 20l
individually priced £23.98
Now £22.99
(£0.57 / l)

Catsan Cristal Plus Silica Cat Litter

5.79 10.49 GBP 2
(£1.52 / l)
Multibuy: 2 x 3.8l
individually priced £11.58
Now £10.49
(£1.38 / l)

Catsan Cat Litter

For hygiene and comfort in every litter tray!

Cat litter trays and cat litter are a necessity for cat owners, helping to keep your home tidy and hygienic. Here at bitiba we offer a broad range of cat litter options to meet every need, including premium Catsan Cat Litter, available in both clumping and non-clumping varieties to offer something for everyone. Catsan litter is designed to lock in odours before they get a chance to spread into your home, ensuring your cat’s litter tray does not impose on your home.
Catsan cat litter is available in a range of options, all of which are designed to make sure the litter tray is comfortable and secure for your feline. Catsan litter is available in a range of different materials, from silica to wood pellets, as well as offering additional cat litter tray accessories for hygiene.

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Catsan litter is a great way to keep your home hygienic while offering your cat indoor toilet options.
This Catsan cat litter is available in a great range of options to meet every need and promote overall hygiene and wellbeing.

  • Clumping: the clumping option of Catsan litter is extremely economical and a great way to keep your cat’s litter tray under control with minimum effort. It is fragrance free to be suitable for sensitive cats and contains the nasty smells a litter tray can be plagued with! It is made with clay to absorb such odours and can simply have the clumps removed daily for up to 2 weeks of use.
  • Hygiene: the Hygiene range of Catsan cat litter uses hygienic white quality grains made from chalk and natural quartz sand to keep your cat’s litter dry and low in bacteria. It quickly soaks in moisture and combats the build up of bacteria in your cat’s litter tray.
  • Silica: the silica Catsan litter is the ideal low-hassle solution, as it only needs changing once a month if stirred properly. Silica Catsan cat litter does not stick to your cat’s paws and offer efficient, effective absorption with low dust.
  • Natural: the natural Catsan cat litter uses soft wood pellets to contain moisture and odours, without harming your pet’s paws. This Catsan litter is completely biodegradable and has a low pH, making the ideal cat litter for every cat.

Catsan litter is available in a range of different varieties.
No matter your need, Catsan Cat Litter offers a litter that will suit you and your cat’s needs and keep your home hygienic and clean.

Find the perfect option from our selection of Litter Boxes & Trays available here at bitiba, the perfect complement to your cat’s new litter.