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Dog Grooming & Care

Make grooming easier for you and your dog with these helpful dog grooming supplies!

Dog Grooming & Care

Grooming is an essential part of dog care. Whether it's Ear, Eye and Nail Care, Shedding Brushes & Combs or Bathing Accessories. We have everything your dog needs plus more.

Shedding Brushes for dogs

Bitiba offers a great selection of shedding brushes and combs for dogs. Shedding is a natural process, however you can significantly reduce it by regular grooming.


Furminator deshedding combs and brushes are specially designed tools to reduce shedding. Bitiba offers different sizes and types of these deshedding tools.

Dog Ear, Eye & Nail Care

Dog's Ear, Eye and Nail health is essential for living a happy dog life. Some dog's require special attention. We offer a range of products that can help you to keep your dog healthy or improve their condition.


Reduce your dog's anxiety and stress with our range of Adaptil products including Adaptil diffusers, refills and collars. Additionally, we offer products such as Zylkene, Lintbells YuCALM and Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vests to calm your dog.

Dog Scissors

Easily and securely trim your dog's fur with our pet scissors.

Flea Protection

Protect your dog from parasites with our products. We offer Flea & Dirt Combs, Tick Removers and Garlic Pills that offer a natural protection against ticks and fleas.

Dog Bathing Accessories

Choose from our range of dog shampoos that will ensure you find the perfect one for your dog.

Dog Dental Care

Healthy teeth are very important for a healthy dog life. Bitiba offers toothbrushes, toothpaste, PlaqueOff powder and Arm & Hammer Advanced Care Dental Water Additive that helps to keep your dog's teeth healthy and provides a fresh breath.