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Eukanuba Pet Food strives to produce pet food products of the highest quality to help nurture your pet's best attributes. Eukanuba has developed healthy, critical and creative recipes after years of extensive research to support your pet's joint  mobility, natural instincts and playfulness. Eukanuba guarantees species orientated nutrition and provides a wide range of Breed and Condition Specific formulas.

As Eukanuba Stockist zooplus offer a wide range of Eukanuba dog and cat foods. Here are just a few of our featured Eukanuba products:

Eukanuba Dog Food

High-quality dry dog food and treats

With a wide range of top-quality Eukanuba products available at low prices at, you can be sure to find the ideal dry dog food or tasty dog snacks to suit your pet's age, breed and lifestyle.

All Eukanuba dog food is made with your dog's specific nutritional needs in mind, helping your pet to stay in good health and enjoy a happy, active life. Since dogs are natural carnivores, Eukanuba is committed to using the only the finest animal proteins, such as chicken and lamb, as the main source of protein in their food.

Eukanuba dry dog food also contains beneficial nutrients and prebiotics to support your dog's natural immune defences, while the high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are intended to promote healthy skin and joint cartilage, as well as an attractive, glossy coat. Alongside this, Eukanuba dry food boasts the special DentalCare System to look after your dog's dental health, cleaning their teeth and reducing tartar build-up by up to 55%.

At you can enjoy amazing deals on a large selection of Eukanuba dry dog food and treats:

  • Eukanuba Adult Dog Food: complete dry dog food suitable for fully-grown small, medium and large dogs, with all the nutrients your dog needs to stay happy and healthy
  • Eukanuba Puppy Food: delicious dog kibble for puppies and junior dogs from 1 month of age, with appropriate energy levels to suit your young dog's size
  • Eukanuba Senior Dog Food: great-tasting dry food for mature dogs of all sizes, promoting healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat
  • Eukanuba Large-Breed Dog Food: balanced nutrition for large dogs weighing over 20kg, with calcium and important nutrients to support bone and joint health
  • Eukanuba Daily Care: specialist range of kibble for dogs with particular needs, such as sterilised, overweight and senior dogs, as well as dogs that suffer from joint problems or sensitive skin
  • Eukanuba Breed Specific: dry dog food specially tailored to meet the individual needs of various dog breeds, from Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds to Dachshunds and Jack Russell Terriers
  • Eukanuba Weight Control: reduced-fat dry dog food for less active or overweight dogs, containing lower-calorie carbohydrates in place of certain fats to guarantee the kibble's balanced nutritional value
Find the perfect variety of Eukanuba dry dog food to meet your dog's unique nutritional requirements on sale at, or check out our brand store to find more great prices on top-quality dog food and treats.

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