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Purina ONE

Purina ONE cat food recipes are adjusted to the different stages of your cat's life and provides balanced nutrition for kittens to seniors. All the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals in Purina ONE help your cat to enjoy an active, healthy life.

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Purina ONE Wet & Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE offers something for everyone, with premium nutrition and irresistible flavour!

Purina ONE offers both wet and dry cat food dishes, with pouches full of succulent meat or fish and delicious kibbles full of nutritious vitamins and minerals. Every cat is catered for, with specific kitten and senior dishes as well as adult food, so that your cat receives the exact nutrition it needs at any particular point in its life.
There is also a Purina ONE Special Needs range, which cares for your cat’s urinary care as well as offering options for sensitive cats, sterilised cats and cats that spend a lot of time indoors. There are also lighter options for those prone to weight gain, and specific dishes designed to nourish a glossy, healthy coat and combat hairball formation.

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  • Purina ONE Cat Food:
    • Dry Cat Food: here you can find every kibble dish that Purina ONE has to offer, including specific age or need designed dishes. A kibble for everyone, all packed full of flavour and goodness!
    • Wet Cat Food: many cats enjoy the texture and variety brought to mealtimes by wet cat food dishes, so choose a tasty Purina ONE dish to meet your feline’s needs and tantalise its tastebuds.
    • Kitten Food: give your kitten th best start in life with Purina ONE kitten specific dishes, which can also be used for pregnant or nursing cats as they are so full of vital nutrition, such as yeast, prebiotics and antioxidants to help support natural defences.
    • Adult Cat Food: support overall health and a strong urinary tract with a complete, balanced Purina ONE cat food dish, offering support both inside and out to ensure optimal health and happiness.
    • Senior Cat Food: as your cat ages, its nutritional needs will also change. Ensure it receives all the nutrients it needs without taking on unnecessary additional calories that go unused in its generally less active older lifestyle and can lead to weight gain and health issues.
  • Purina ONE Special Needs:
    • Sensitive: Purina ONE offers sensitive cat food in both wet and dry varieties, ideal for those with nutritional sensitivities or dietary allergies or intolerances. It has a reduced protein content and contains a Bifensis Dual Defense formula to ensure optimal health.
    • Sterilised: Sterilcat options come in chicken, beef and salmon varieties, as well as turkey, designed to support the changing nutritional needs of neutered cats. It contains additional weight and urinary tract support, to ensure your cat remains healthy even after sterilisation.
    • Indoor: cats that live primarily indoors tend to have lower calorific needs, but need just as many nutrients as an outdoor cat. This Purina ONE indoor range contains an Actilea Formula to support healthy digestion and natural immunity, as well as containing added fibre to ensure full feelings.
    • Urinary Care: urinary tract and kidney problems can be painful and debilitating for your cat, so these dishes contain an optimal balance of minerals to help control urine pH-value, as well as chicken and wheat for slow release energy.
    • Light: overweigh cats need fewer calories and less fat, but need just as many nutrients as other cats. These dishes can be ideal for supporting healthy joints and optimal agility, helping to keep cats active as part of a weight loss or maintenance regime.
    • Coat & Hairball: keep your cat’s skin radiant and fur glossy, whilst also helping reduce the build up of hairballs and limiting excessive shedding. Each dish is still delicious and contains valuable omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to ensure your cat both looks and feels fabulous!
  • You can also shop Purina ONE Cat Food by flavour, if your cat is extremely fussy about its flavours!
  • Supplement your cat’s diet with some delicious cat treats offered by, to show your cat just how much you care!

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