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Dog Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Walkies will never be the same with our retractable leads, or why not fetch your pup a trendy collar? Dogs love getting out and exercising – whether it’s going on long walks, canicross (running off-road with your dog) or training them to maximum agility levels, they can’t get enough! We also stock a range of affordable dog training and agility equipment as well as warm dog coats, comfy dog jumpers, practical hi-vis clothing and waterproof dog coats. So you can kit your dog out with the very best dog clothing and outfits! Don't forget to check out our selection of walking accessories that ensure you're fully equipped for all of your adventures to come!

Dog Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Make dog walking a breeze with this extensive collection!

Dog walks can be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog, as long as you are equipped with the necessary accessories - a comfortable collar or sturdy harness for your dog, as well as a strong lead that allows you to keep your dog under control.
Here at bitiba we offer an extensive selection of leads and collars, in a variety of sizes, materials and styles to meet everyone's personal preferences. There are also harnesses, which can be helpful if your dog is prone to pulling and allows the stress to be spread more evenly across the shoulders. We also offer a selection of walking accessories including trackers, reflectors and Canicross belts as well as dog clothing.

Browse the full range of Dog Collars, Leads & Harnesses available here at bitiba:

Here you can find everything you need to make dog-walking a joy for both you and your pet.
Choose from a number of well known brands and top-quality products.

  • Dog Leads: a dog lead is essential equipment for every dog owner! Here at bitiba we offer a great selection, including various lengths that allow your dog more or less freedom depending on your preference and its temperament. There are plenty of different premium brands, as well as retractable leads that allow you to alter the amount of freedom your dog has depending on circumstances - particularly if your dog is a little cloth-eared!
  • Dog Harness: a harness can be a helpful tool if your dog tends to pull, allowing you to control your dog without putting unwanted pressure on its throat and causing potential injury. Here at bitiba we offer a great selection in different sizes and styles, as well as harnesses that strap into your car for safety and security.
  • Dog Collars: collars are a great way of keeping your dog under control, as well as being a requirement as a dog owner - you will need to place an identification tag on your dog’s collar so that it can be easily returned to you if it should make a break for it! They are also great for attaching reflective tag or flashing light, which can be handy if walking your dog in the dark. We also offer stress-relief collars that are helpful if your dog is nervous or anxious.
  • Dog Walking Accessories: poop bags, snack pouches and pendants/ID tags are all great ways to make your dog walking effortless and extra safe, as well as helping to lessen your impact on the environment. Find everything you need for never-ending adventures!
  • Agility & Training: dogs adore exercising! Whether it’s long walkies, canicross (running off-road with your dog) or even training them to maximum agility levels, they can’t get enough of it! We stock a wide range of affordable dog training and agility equipment that helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.
  • Dog Clothing: whether you're looking for comfy and warm dog coats, funky dog jumpers, practical hi-vis clothing to keep your dog safe, or waterproof dog coats, you can kit your dog out with the very best dog clothing! Keep your pup comfty, warm and dry with dog clothing in a range of sizes and styles.

Here at bitiba, we offer a great range of handy dog walking accessories that you will love.
Browse the complete range here to make your life easier!

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