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Gourmet wet cat food offers your cat a wide variety of delicious tastes and textures each unique recipe is an enticing, irresistible flavour experience, that will satisfy even the pickiest cat. Your cat deserves the best and our selection of with Gourmet cans and pouches are all made with the premium selected ingredients to ensure a top quality diet. Discover our range of gourmet cat food offers in our shop!

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Gourmet Cat Food

Gourmet cat food offers something for everyone! Delicious, wholesome, varied wet cat food that even the fussiest feline will adore!

Gourmet cat food is available in a great range of varieties, including pouches and tins full of exquisite meals that gourmet-loving felines will be helpless to resist! Each dish contains premium ingredients combined into succulent recipes and ideal for every palate.
The versatile selection of Gourmet cat food dishes includes fish and meat varieties, all packed full of vitamins and minerals and designed to add texture, flavour and variety to every cat’s food bowl. Pure luxury for the fussiest of felines!

Browse the complete Gourmet Cat Food range available at

  • Gourmet Wet Cat Food: the wet cat food range is packed full of tasty pouches and tins that ensure your cat is well fed and happy, with everything from tender chunks to Fisherman’s Delights, which pack in plenty of fishy flakes and are bound to become your cat’s firm favourite! All dishes are hearty and nutritious, to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Gourmet Perle: complete, tasty wet food in handy pouches, with a range of Delicate Fillet flavours including chicken, beef, salmon and rabbit. Your cat will be delighted by the range of flavour on offer and will receive essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Gourmet Mon Petit: mouth-watering complete wet cat food in handy pouches, each with the exact amount needed for a wholesome, satisfying meal. Your cat will love these ranges, in fish, meat or poultry and in "Duo" ranges as well!
  • Gourmet Gold: the gold standard in wet cat food! Finest ingredients, healthy vitamins and nutritious minerals, ideal for comprehensive health and wellbeing as well as luxury flavour, such as Trout & Tomato or Duck & Spinach.
  • Gourmet A La Carte: Gourmet cat food in delightful varieties, such as Chicken & Pasta Pearls or Beef with Selected Summer Vegetables. This range of Gourmet cat food really is for the cat connoisseur, with all the finest flavours and bound to be a success.

Why not pair your cat’s Gourmet wet cat food with a dry kibble offered by, for texture and variety at every meal!

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