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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Diet for dogs and cats offers a nutritional solution in support of the management of health conditions such as urinary problems, kidney disease, mobility problems, obesity and many more. The range of ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Diet products available at bitiba includes dry dog food, as well as both wet and dry cat food.

Important information: Please consult your vet before feeding your pet with a therapeutic veterinary diet. You should take your pet to the vet for a check-up every 6 months. Should your pet's health worsen while using this product, please seek veterinary advice immediately. By adding this product to your shopping basket you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Pet Food

Dietetic wet and dry food for pets with specific health complaints

If your dog or cat suffers from a common veterinary health problem, such as renal disease, diabetes or nutritional sensitivities, your vet may recommend combining medication or other forms of treatment with a specialist diet designed to help manage their symptoms and aid recovery. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet is one such range of therapeutic pet food that can provide effective dietetic support for a wide variety of conditions, from gastrointestinal problems to joint pain. Now you can save even more on Royal Canin Vet Diets when you buy online at!

Organised here according to the products' recommended indications, the full range of Royal Canin Vet Diet includes dry dog food and dry cat food developed with particular health complaints in mind. You can even find dietetic kibble for pets that suffer from high levels of stress or an increased risk of dental health problems. Alongside this, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet offers an extensive selection of therapeutic complete wet cat food in cans or pouches.

Cat owners may also be interested in the popular Vet Care Nutrition range, available at discount prices at Royal Canin Vet Care Nutrition is a special collection of dietetic wet and dry cat food for neutered and senior cats, with further products designed for adult cats that suffer from sensitive skin.

Check out the amazing prices on Royal Canin Veterinary Diet for dogs and cats at, or explore our full range of vet diets here! With various brands to choose from, including Hill's Prescription Diet and Animonda Integra, you're sure to find a delicious therapeutic diet to meet your pet's specific dietetic needs.

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