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Organic Dog Food

Organic Dog Food

The full dose of nature! With delicious organic dog foods offered now.

Organic dog foods from Britain's favourite brands like Yarrah Organic, Lily's Kitchen, Bosch Organic.

Here at bitiba we offer quality organic dog food brands at discount prices to ensure your dog can enjoy his healthy food to the fullest.

Whatever kind of organic dog food you may be looking for, we're here to help you out.

Organic Food - This is what it's all about:

No artificial colouring or flavouring

All organic dog foods are made avoiding the use of any sort of artificial colouring or flavouring to conserve the aroma and taste of the naturally delicious ingredients. Also, there are no added hormones in the animals used to produce the food, neither are sugar or milk products added to the dog foods.

Gentle production

To ensure that none of the healthy minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from the ingredients are lost, the organic dog foods offered at bitiba are processed in an especially gentle way. The ways of production for organic dog food are being monitored by 3rd party organisations to ensure that all the guidelines for organic dog food are followed.

Why organic?

Your dog is allergic and you think you have tried everything? Don't know what he is allergic to, but you're sure he or she might be allergic? Why not try organic dog food to try and stop the itching and other disorders. If there is nothing you can find to do to improve your dogs condition, why not try and eliminate the cause of the allergy? Because organic dog food offered at bitiba is free from any chemical additives and artificial flavour or colour enhancers and no pesticides are used to produce the food's ingredients, it is likely that the food might be able to eliminate the cause allergy and your dog may be itch-free again sooner than you think! Also, because higher quality ingredients and no chemical additives are used, your dog is likely to have fewer digestive disorders. Aditionally, there is a possibility that he might be much more active if you decide to swap him onto an organic diet. The higher quality of the ingredients could also increase/improve your dog's life quality and his longevity! Additionaly, organic food is generally scientifically proven to relieve stress levels and improve the general health!

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