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Felix cat food offers your cat a wide array of flavours and great value-priced quality. The Felix assortments include sauces or jellies which make them particularly succulent! Felix cat food takes care of your cat's safety and well- being, even enhancing its longevity and improving overall satisfaction for your pets!

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Felix Cat Food & Treats

Felix, the black and white rogue, is beside himself with joy. He is convinced that the delicious flavours of Felix cat food will be loved by other cats just as much as by him!

Feeding your cat a delicious Felix cat food diet is great for ensuring your cat receives complete, balanced nutrition at every meal. It is optimised for your cat’s breed, size, activity level and life stage, so you can be sure your cat is receiving the correct nutrients for its own personal situation. Felix uses innovative recipes and a range of essential nutrients to appeal to your cat’s senses and ensure it receives plentiful nutrients to keep it happy and active.
Felix cat food offers a broad range of dishes, including wholesome kibbles and delicious wet dishes, as well as tasty treats, which are great for supplementing your cat’s diet and bringing enjoyment and flavour to its palate. Felix understands that cats are real gourmet lovers, so every Felix cat food dish is designed to offer pure luxury!

Choose the perfect dish for your cat from the Felix cat food collection available here at

  • Felix Wet Cat Food: for variety and pleasure, add a Felix wet cat food to your feline’s diet! In a range of varieties, including Doubly Delicious and flavoursome trays. Felix cat food offers a great range of flavours, all at great prices, offering a succulent addition to your cat’s usual kibble.
  • Felix Cat Treats: spoil your cat with these tasty treats! Including Crispies, Goody Bags, Twists and FunSauces, Felix cat food offers a great range of delicious treats that are a great way to show your cat how much you care!
  • Felix Dry Cat Food: dry Felix cat food is innovative and exciting, combining crunchy croquettes with soft tender chunks for optimal flavour combined with complete nutritional balance.
  • Felix Sensations: as the name suggests, this dish really appeals to your cat’s senses! It is available in a range of different flavours, all rich in succulent meat and encased in delicious gravy or jelly, with Crunchy Crumbles and Extras varieties to add a new dimension to your cat’s dinner.
  • Felix As Good As It Looks: it really is as good as it looks! This Felix cat food is a surefire winner with every feline, with chunks of meat that will have your cat’s mouth watering.

Browse the full selection of cat food available at

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