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Cat Trees

A cat tree, cat activity centre, cat climber or a scratching post is an ideal play and sleeping area for your cat. It's also indispensable for your cat's daily claw sharpening. Whether you have one cat or more, here you'll find a wide array of scratching posts, mats, barrels and trees for your home.

Small Cat Trees: up to 100cm
Medium Cat Trees: 100 - 160 cm
Large Cat Trees: 160 - 200 cm
Ceiling Cat Trees: 200+ cm

Cat Trees

Keep your cat happy and entertained with a cat tree!
A cat tree can be a great addition to any feline household, keeping your cat entertained. Giving your cat its own cat furniture can also save your own furniture from being climbed on and scratched! Here at bitiba you can choose from a great range of cat activity tree options and be sure that your cat has the best choice for its needs. Here are just some of the benefits of a cat tree:

  • Scratching a cat tree helps to keep your cat's claws strong and healthy
  • Cat scratching posts and cat activity centres help your cat to stay active throughout the year reducing the risk of obesity, weight gain, and joint problems
  • Using a cat scratcher reduces the likelihood of your cat scratching your furniture or furnishings instead
  • Cat furniture provides a great place for a long nap
  • A cat activity tree is the perfect exercise spot, to keep boredom away
  • A perch on a cat tower makes a great personal space for your furry friend! Cats can mark their territory with their scent and scratch marks
  • A cat scratcher can give your cat a full body workout, especially suited for cats that spend a lot of time indoors
  • Got a cat that likes to climb, even if it means shredding the curtains? A cat climbing tree satisfies that need to climb up high, without ruining your furniture & furnishings in the process!

Browse the complete collection of cat trees available here at and find the perfect toy for your cat:
  • Small Cat Trees: These are great if you have a small cat or kitten, or if you just only have a limited amount of space available in your home. They range from 60-100cm in height and many fit neatly into corners, or can be combined to create a larger cat playground!
  • Medium Cat Trees: If you don’t have acres of space but have a larger cat, choose a tree from 100-160cm in height, which provides plenty of space for climbing, roaming and relaxing without taking over an entire room. Many of these trees feature dens or lookout posts, but they all have posts to scratch! You can also purchase a wall bracket for added stability if you have a larger cat.
  • Large Cat Trees: Choose a large or extra-large cat climbing tree if you have a large cat or a multi-cat household, as they feature numerous levels for climbing and plenty of dens to sleep in. Again, a wall bracket can be added for extra stability.
  • Scratching Barrels: A scratching barrel is perfect for those that are short of space. They do not take up a great deal of space but provide great expanses for your cat to scratch and stretch on. Bitiba also offers special corner scratching barrels, which are the ideal solution if you live in a small flat.
  • Scratching Posts: If your cat isn’t a fan of lookout towers and dens, or if you don’t have space for an expansive tree, why not choose a scratching post? Bitiba has a great range of sisal-coated posts that can fit neatly into any home and save your furniture from destruction! They also come in fun varieties that will keep your cat entertained for longer.
  • Scratching Toys: Combine scratching with playing with these great scratch toys! Choose from springy toys, balls and catnip to entice your cat to get involved!
  • Scratching Boards: Scratching pads and boards are another space-saving lifesaver! As with any smaller cat toy, they can be tidied away when needed then brought out to save your furniture and upholstery. Let your cat sharpen its claws and have a good scratch with these great toys, including cardboard cat furniture and scratch beds.
  • Cat Trees <£50: Finding the perfect cat furniture for your home does not have to break the bank! Owning a pet can be expensive, so here at we want to make it as affordable as possible - after all, pets really are our best friends! Browse this selection of cat trees in various heights, designs and variations all for under £50! There are even a great range of options under £25, which are great if your cat gets bored easily and regularly needs its toys replacing, or if you have lots of cats that all want their own space!

  • Have a look at the other cat toys available here at

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