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Dog Toys

Give your pet some fun with our great range of dog toys! Playing with your dog and using dog training equipment can help you to build a trusting relationship and keep you both fit and healthy. Giving your dog a toy also helps to keep them occupied throughout the day. Our range also includes toys to help to keep your dog's teeth clean, plus a range of squeaker toys, challenge & interactive toys and puppy toys for company and comfort.

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Snack & Dental Chew Toys

Dog Toys

Keep your dog happy and entertained for hours on end!

Here at bitiba we offer a great range of wonderful dog toys designed to keep your canine entertained and help build the bond between the two of you. The selection includes interactive toys that will challenge your dog’s mind, fetching toys for classic games, and water toys for the dog that loves to swim! There are also various bones and chew toys, great for working your dog’s jaw muscles as well as helping to keep teeth clean and healthy.
The dog toys here at bitiba are made by top quality manufacturers, ensuring that they last for ages and keep your dog happy and entertained. There are squeaker toys to excite your dog’s natural playing instincts and soft toys that are great for snuggling up to on a chilly evening! No matter how your dog likes to play, here at bitiba you are bound to find the perfect toy to meet its personal preferences.

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Find the perfect toy to get your dog’s tail wagging!
Here at bitiba there is even a range of puppy toys for your newcomer canines.

  • Throw & Fetch Toys: throwing and fetching is a classic game for you and your dog! Send them flying through the air and watch your dog go racing after them, providing hours of entertainment for both of you. Here at bitiba there are a range of quality options, including frisbees, balls and bones, as well as more exotic options that are sure to be popular!
  • Squeaker Toys: although the squeaking may drive us humans mad, a squeaker dog toy is a great way to get our pets excited to play, activating natural playing and hunting instincts and ensuring hours of animated play!
  • Interactive Dog Toys: these interactive toys offer a great range of options, with snack balls and feeders to keep your dog stimulated and slow feeding, as well as interactive puzzles that challenge your dog’s mental ability and help to improve the bond between you.
  • Water Dog Toys: some dogs just cannot help loving the water! Whether it is swimming or chasing after a ball through the water, these floating dog toys are a great addition. We also offer dog paddling pools that are great for cooling your dog off on hot days and providing added fun.
  • Puppy Toys: give your puppy an exciting start in life with plenty of toys! You can also choose options that will provide relief for teething pups, and that are made from non-toxic materials that are great for being munched by sharp teeth!

Here at bitiba we also offer a great range of
Snack & Dental Chews: that are great for both keeping your dog entertained and promoting good dental health and hygiene.

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