Catit’s mission is to provide practical, easy to use, and convenient products that specifically meet the needs of fussy felines.
Catit products, such as Senses Food Maze, Speed Circuit, and Grass Garden and Catit Design Drinking Fountains, are specifically designed for your cat’s unique senses.


Premium quality accessories for a happy life with your cat!

Catit is a premium producer of top quality cat accessories, offering everything your cat could possibly need to be healthy, happy and active. This includes a great range of toys, feeding bowls and fountains, litter boxes and carriers, all of which help to keep you and your cat relaxed and satisfied.
Whether you are looking for a snazzy new way of feeding or something to keep your cats entertained, Catit has a premium product suitable for everyone. Catit drinking fountains can help ensure your cat is taking on sufficient fluids, whilst a high quality Catit cat carrier is the ideal way to transport your cat, whether that be on a short trip to the vets or on a longer journey on holiday.
Catit also offers fun and exciting cat toys that are great for keeping pets entertained and offer plenty of options for multi-cat households. For a high quality, durable product that you and your cat will love, look no further than Catit!

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All Catit products are made to the highest quality standards, ensuring you receive top quality products that your cat will love and that will bring both pleasure and long-lasting enjoyment.

  • Catit Litter Boxes & Filter: cat litter boxes are an unavoidable part of feline life, and Catit offers a great selection of premium quality trays. These include activated carbon filters and hoods to provide privacy, so that every cat can meet its toilet needs whilst keeping your home clean and fresh. We also offer replacement filters.
  • Catit Design Sense: every pet loves to play! Catit offers an extensive range of toys, all innovative and inventive, designed to intrigue your cat and appeal to natural instincts. Scratch mats, circuits for chasing balls, indoor cat grass and catnip sprays are just some of the options available. Catit also offers fun ways to spice up your cat’s mealtimes, with food maze trees and flower fountains to encourage slower eating and a higher intake of fluids. For the pampered pet, why not invest in a luxurious Catit massage centre?
  • Catit Bowls: encourage your cat to eat with a delightful Catit bowl - make every aspect of your cat’s meal exciting! At bitiba there are options such as multi feeders for both wet and dry food, with fun designs to encourage slower eating, as well as feeding stations with more than one bowl, ideal for multi-cat households or simply to provide your cat with both food and water in one place.
  • Catit Cat Carrier: moving your cat from place to place can be a stressful experience, so provide your cat with a comfortable transport carrier from Catit. This includes different colours and styles, all perfect for transporting your cat to the vets or on holiday in style.

Choose from this extensive range of quality Catit products to make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your cat!

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