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Small Pet Accessories

Keep your small pet entertained with our range of small pet enrichment accessories. We also stock cage accessories including hay racks, and bowls for small pet food, plus water dispensers to keep your small animal well hydrated. Houses and tunnels are great for snoozing and fun places to play hide and seek. Products to meet your small pet's every need at bitiba's legendary low prices!

Small Pet Accessories

Everything your small pet needs for a happy and comfortable!

Now that you've found the perfect cage for your new small pet, it's time to fill it with everything your furry friend needs - from food bowls to activity toys!
We offer a fantastic variety of accessories to kit out your small pet's new home, with essentials like bedding material, food bowls and water bottles. And let's not forget the extras to bring enrichment to your small pet's life - ensuring your small pet has plenty to keep them busy and entertained can help improve their overall quality of life!

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Now that you have found the perfect small pet cage, you need to fill it with wonderful things for your small pet to enjoy!
With plenty of small pet accessories to choose from to keep your bunny, guinea pig, chinchilla or hamster happy!

  • Cage Accessories: the most important thing to do once getting a small pet is to ensure that their cage has all the essentials. Browse our selection of food bowls, water bottles and hay racks and choose from a variety of sizes to suit your small pet. Essentials for your small pet aren't just food accessories - things like exercise wheels, tunnels and dens are also a must-have for your small pet, so that they stay entertained, happy and healthy. With a wide range to choose from you can be sure to find all types of cage accessories for your small pet!
  • Bedding: nothing will make your small pet more at home, than having cosy bedding material! A comfortable space for your small pet is also a necessity, and here at we offer a great range of bedding materials suitable for indoor cages and outdoor hutches!
  • Toys: just like people, your small pet can get bored without adequate entertainment and stimulation. Keep your small pet both physically and mentally stimulated with our range of small pet toys! For the food-motivated pet we have a variety of snack balls and snack toys to keep your small pet busy. And you can keep your pet active with a collection of climbing toys and exercise wheels available in different sizes!
  • Care & Grooming: ensure your small pet is healthy and well cared for with our range of care and grooming accessories. From toiletries and cage cleaning products to parasite protection and grooming products.

Choose the right selection of cage accessories to keep your small pet comfortable and entertained.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your small pet can live in style!

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