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Dog Clothes & Apparel

Whether you're looking for comfy and warm dog coats, funky dog jumpers, practical hi-vis clothing to keep your dog safe, or waterproof dog coats and functional footwear, you can kit your dog out with the very best dog clothing and outfits for less at bitiba! Keep your pooch comfy and safe with dog clothing in a range of sizes from puppy coats to dog jackets size xxl.

Dog Clothing and Accessories

Dog Clothes & Apparel

Ensure your dog is always the most stylish canine in town!

Here at bitiba we offer a great range of dog clothes and apparel, with canine clothing fit for every occasion! We have everything from footwear to overalls, helping to ensure your dog is cosy and warm in the winter, and always chic and beautiful.
You can also find an extensive selection of dog coats here at bitiba, including high visibility dog vests and winter dog coats. There are also dog overalls, dog raincoats and dog jumpers, depending on the weather. Calming and cooling dog coats are also available, if your dog really suffers with the heat.

Browse the complete selection of dog clothes & apparel available here at bitiba:

It is not only dog coats that we offer, but also sports and protective footwear as well as pendants and ID tags for protecting your dog’s safety.
Everyone from puppies to giant breeds can benefit from our dog clothes and apparel selection, as we offer a range of different sizes and advice on how to measure and choose the correct size for your dog’s optimum comfort.

  • Dog Coats:
  • just because the weather isn’t great doesn’t mean that walkies need to become a thing of the past! We offer winter and waterproof coats that will help to keep your dog snuggly and warm in the foulest of weather, as well as overalls for helping to keep your dog clean and dry - so that you can still enjoy walks too!
  • High Visibility Dog Coats: practical and safe, add peace of mind to your evening or winter dog walks with a high-vis vest or coat, ensuring traffic and other walkers can see your dog.
  • Dog Overalls: as the name suggests, these offer all-over protection! Great for those dogs that can find a muddy puddle wherever they go, as you can simply wash the overalls without worrying about mud clumping in fur!
  • Dog Raincoats: no walk should be spoiled by a rainy day! With this range of waterproof dog raincoats, you can keep your dog warm and dry, avoiding that wet dog smell and keeping everyone happy and healthy.
  • Winter Dog Coats: as winter comes round, you’re bound to be putting on a warm, snuggly coat before you step outside - so why shouldn’t your dog? These are available in a great range of styles and designs, including fun festive options and cosy sheepskin. Keep your dog toasty warm and elegantly chic!
  • Calming & Cooling Dog Coats: if your dog suffers from stress or anxiety, a calming anxiety vest could be the ideal solution, helping relieving those feelings without the need to add medication. We also offer cooling coats, which ensure your dog doesn’t overheat and particularly good for older dogs during the summer.
  • Dog Jumpers: dog jumpers are not only warm and comfortable, but also make a great fashion statement! With everything from college pullovers to festive jumpers, there’s something for every taste.
  • Dog Footwear: keep your dog’s paws protected with footwear, perfect for walking on sharp ice or stones, and also great for dogs that regularly participate in sports.
  • Dog Pendants & ID Tags: add a safety light to your dog’s collar so that you never lose them again! Perfect for keeping track of your dog on dark walks.

Not sure dog clothing is quite what you’re looking for? Then browse the rest of the dog supplies available here at bitiba!