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Find all your cat's favourite Whiskas products in one place! The full range of Whiskas cat food includes delicious wet and dry cat food, plus mouth-watering treats.

Whiskas Cat Food

Delicious cat food and treats at discount prices

Whiskas offers an extensive range of complete wet and dry cat foods, cat treats and cat milk suitable for cats of all ages, from kitten to senior. All Whiskas cat food products have been carefully developed to support your cat's health and happiness, combining important nutrients with a mouth-watering taste.

Whiskas Dry Cat Food
Whiskas dry food contains a new formula to meet the nutritonal needs of your cat at every life stage. So whether you have a kitten, a senior or an adult cat, you are offering your cat everything they need to lead a long and happy life. Whiskas dry cat food is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, including taurine, vitamin A and E, which helps promote your cat's overall wellbeing. With many tempting flavours to try, including beef, chicken and lamb, Whiskas dry cat food is an excellent choice!

Whiskas Wet Cat Food
A popular choice with cat owners, Whiskas wet cat food is available in cans and handy single-portion pouches. Featuring tasty pieces of meat or fish in a delicious gravy or juicy jelly, this balanced and complete diet provides all the vital vitamins and minerals your cat needs. Each pack of Whiskas pouches or canned cat food contains a choice of different flavours, so your cat can enjoy extra variety at mealtimes. Explore the wide selection of Whiskas wet food for adult cats on sale at, or check out our great deals on Whiskas Kitten pouches for growing cats up to 12 months old. To complete the range, Whiskas Senior cat food offers specialist nutrition for older cats from 7 years, so you can confidently feed your cat a healthy diet full of natural goodness throughout their life.

Whiskas Cat Treats
These delicious snacks from Whiskas are loved by cats and their owners alike. Packaged in a handy resealable tub, these crunchy cat snacks are the perfect way to reward your cat and show them how much you care. With loads of great-tasting varieties available at, including the popular Whiskas Temptations featuring a crunchy pillow-shaped shell with a soft and savoury centre, your cat will be spoilt for choice! Whiskas also offers a selection of appetising treats that contain vital vitamins, minerals and other ingredients boasting particular health benefits. Why not treat your cat to some tasty Whiskas snacks designed to support good dental health, promote healthy skin and a glossy coat, or reduce the build-up of hairballs?

Whiskas Cat Milk
This tempting supplementary cat milk makes an extra special treat for kittens and adult cats over 6 weeks old. Whiskas cat milk is made according to a special, reduced-lactose formula that means it is easier for your cat to digest than normal cows' milk, so your cat can enjoy the same great milky taste, without the risk of feline diarrhoea.

Now you can save even more on Whiskas wet cat food and treats at, or check out our brand store for more brilliant deals on popular cat food, from Felix to Iams.

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