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Cat Baskets & Beds

Cats spend plenty of time snoozing and are always on the lookout for their next cosy spot! At bitiba, there is a wide range of comfy beds and dens, so you will certainly find the right one for your kitty at a great price.

Cat Beds & Cat Baskets

Offer your feline the purrrfect place to sleep!

Whether you’re welcoming a new cat into your home or simply treating your current cats to a bit of an upgrade, bitiba offers a great selection of cat beds and more modern, chic designs, as well as practical space-saving solutions.
Comfort is key, so we provide various sizes and styles, as well as heat pads for cats such as the SnuggleSafe, which slots into your cat’s bed and keeps it toasty warm - ideal for older cats looking for a little comfort later in life!

Browse the complete selection of cat baskets & cat beds available here at bitiba:

Our range of cat baskets and beds include versatile options and a range of different designs, so you can find cat beds to place around the house and ensure your cat always has somewhere relaxing to nap!

  • All Cat Beds & Blankets: treat your cat to the perfect place to snuggle down and relax, with our great range of cat beds and baskets offering something for every taste and every situation!
  • Heat Pads: cats love a warm place to relax! The SnuggleSafe and other heated pads are great bed accessories for keeping your cat’s patch warm! They are also ideal bed accessories for older pets or for new-borns, who may require a little more loving care.
  • Radiator Cat Beds: another way to keep your cat warm! These beds are designed to hang from your radiator and offer pleasant warmth for your sleepy cat.
  • Cat Baskets & Cat Dens: a cat basket or cat den provides your cat with its own personal space to call its own, as well as providing a place for hide and seek! Some are ideal for sitting on shelves, with others in fun shapes and designs such as apples or turtles, all making eye-catching additions to any home.
  • Cat Mats: many cats love to perch on the windowsill and watch the world go by, so with one of these cat mats you can make that experience more comfortable and inviting. There are also more general Vetbed blanket mats to place around the home, as well as heat pads such as the SnuggleSafe to keep your cat toasty warm!
  • Cat Blankets: keep your furniture free from cat hairs with one of these delightful blankets, many with fun features such as cute designs or little pockets in which to place enticing catnip. There is also sturdy Vetbed, which can withstand plenty whilst also being cosy and cuddly.
  • Wall Mounted Cat Beds: if there is no convenient space on the floor for your cat’s bed, or if you live in a home with both cats and dogs - who, as we know, don’t always get along! - then a wall mounted cat bed could be the ideal solution, including hammocks, raising your cat up and providing a view as well as safety.
  • Cat Houses: for something a bit stronger and sturdier, we also offer a range of cat houses here at bitiba. These include both outdoor cat houses and indoor cat houses. These offer your cat an entire space to itself, with the outdoor options being great for those free to roam around. Many of the indoor cat houses also double up as a place to hide a litter tray.
  • Cat Sanitation & Clean Up: we love our cats but they do make a mess! As with any pet, having a cat adds to the workload, so grab some of these cat sanitation and clean up bed accessories to make the job easier. This includes, scent-absorbing odour neutralisers, vacuum cleaner attachments for tackling pet hair, and towels for drying up, amongst other handy accessories!

Browse the rest of the cat supplies available here at bitiba to complete your feline’s perfect home!