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Cat Bowls & Fountains

Choose the best cat food bowl and drinking bowl for your cat from a great choice of designs and brands. Our range includes non-slip cat dishes as well as automatic cat feeders and we also offer placemats to catch any spills. A cat water fountain is a great way to give your cat a constant supply of fresh water so that it stays hydrated.

Cat Bowls & Fountains

Provide your feline with the ideal feeding station!

Here at bitiba we offer a selection of cat bowls and cat water fountains, all of which are designed to ensure your cat eats its meals in peace and takes on enough fluids to keep it healthy and nourished. All of these options are available in a great range of options from different well-known, premium brands. There are also storage containers for keeping food fresh and ensuring your cat gets a nutritious meal every day.
There are also automatic feeders and cat fountains that help to ensure your cat can also receive everything it needs even if you are out at work or away from the house. There are also placemats to make your life easier, preventing unwanted spills on the floor and helping to keep your entire home hygiene and clean.

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Find the ideal feeding situation for your feline!
Here at bitiba we offer top quality products that are bound to please.

  • Cat Water Fountains: drinking enough water is essential in keeping your cat healthy, particularly in caring for its urinary tract health. By providing your cat with a water fountain you can encourage it to drink more fresh, clean water as well as providing an interesting piece of entertainment! Here at bitiba you can also purchase additional replacement filters to ensure the water is always refreshingly clean.
  • Cat Bowls: feed your cat in style, with a range of cat bowls available in every material from stainless steel to ceramic. There are also slip-proof options and even ones with integrated scales, so that you need not worry about overfeeding your cat.
  • Cat Feeders: feeders are an ideal option if you are not always home at your cat’s feeding time, with various options such as timers or microchips that you can tailor to fit your individual needs. A cat feeder is a great way to regulate meals and to offer various different meals, with microchip options ideal if you have a multi-cat household. There are even snack balls that can add fun and excitement to every day!
  • Food Canisters & Storage: keeping your cat’s food fresh and tasty is essential in ensuring it is well-received, so using one of these storage containers can be a great way to keep kibble crunchy. There are also can covers that can replace the original lid if you are not using an entire tin and can keep wet food fresh and flavoursome.
  • Cat Placemats: placemats are a great hygiene option, stopping food waste splashing onto the floor and helping to keep your socks clean! Even the cleanest cat can have chaotic feeding habits and this is a great way to promote cleanliness.
  • SureFeed Cat Feeders: these programmable feeders from a premium producer are designed to make life smarter and more convenient, with motion sensors, microchip options and mats and bowls. These are ideal for special diets and even come with tags to ensure only your cat can access its food.

Here at bitiba we also offer a great range of
  • Cat Litter Boxes & Trays, another essential aspect of keeping your cat - and your home - healthy and hygienic.

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