Dog Shop: Dog Supplies

Get great deals on all of the essential supplies for your dog here at bitiba. Take a look at our great range of dog kennels, dog beds, dog leads, dog toys, and much more. Lots of great brands at unbeatable prices!

Dog Accessories

Spoil your dog with our great range of Dog Accessories from essential supplies to fun toys to enrich your dog's day.

Dog Toys

Keep your dog active in a world where they increasingly live indoors, and help to prevent dog obesity, diabetes, arthritis and many other ailments.They are also good to stimulate dogs mentally.

Dog Crates & Travel

Our range of dog crates and travel accessories ensure you and your dog have an easier and safer journey. Choose from metal dog cages, soft dog crates & plastic dog crates. Make travelling safer and more enjoyable with Car Accessories, Travel Bowls and Water Dispensers as well as Dog Blankets.

Dog Grooming & Care Accessories

Dogs often need a regular grooming schedule to keep their fur and skin healthy. We sell effective shedding brushes, Furminators and Clippers. Keep your dog's ears, eyes and nails healthy with our targeted dog care products.

For dogs with anxiety we offer Adaptil which contains synthetic pheromone that provides calm and assurance. Our Zylkene range is entirely natural and caters to all sizes of dogs. Ideal for visiting the vet, moving house, travel or bonfire night.

Lintbells YuCALM One-a-Day Chewies are nutritional supplements that use L-theanine to calm your dog.

Flea Protection

Protect your dog from parasites with our natural treatments and accessories such as tick tweezers and flea combs.

Dog Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Bitiba offers an extensive range of dog leads, collars and dog harnesses. Adjustable, extendable, multi-functional - we have the best lead, collar or harness for your dog.

Dog Beds & Baskets

Discover our range of high-quality and comfortable dog beds and baskets. You can choose from orthopaedic dog beds, hygienic dog beds, dog mattresses, dog blankets, cooling & heated pads and more.

Dog Kennels & Flaps

Your dog deserves a safe and secure outdoor house. We offer top quality wooden and plastic dog kennels and dog houses suitable for all weather conditions.