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Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan food is adapted to meet your pet's different nutritional requirements throughout their lifetime.

Purina Pro Plan Pet Food

Outstanding nutrition for dogs and cats

Purina Pro Plan offers a range of great-tasting complete pet food for dogs and cats, developed by nutritionists and veterinarians to help support your pet's general health and wellbeing. Purina dog food and cat food is available in wet and dry varieties and contains all the nutrients your dog or cat needs, with specialist varieties to meet their dietary requirements at each life stage. Purina Pro Plan also includes a wide selection of food for pets with other specific nutritional needs, such as sensitive dogs, indoor cats, large-breed dogs and sterilised cats.

Explore the full range of Purina Pro Plan pet food available at discount prices at

  • Pro Plan Dry Dog Food: the extensive range of Purina dog food from Pro Plan includes diets for every life stage and breed size, with special recipes for dogs with sensitive skin or a sensitive digestive system
  • Pro Plan Duo Délice Dry Dog Food: this complete Purina Pro Plan dog food combines crunchy kibble with tender shredded meat or fish for a delicious double texture your dog won't be able to resist
  • Pro Plan Puppy Food: whatever size your puppy, from mini to large-breed, Pro Plan offers the perfect dry food boasting the special OptiStart formula and added colostrum to support healthy development, with other specific diets available for sensitive puppies that suffer from skin conditions or digestive problems
  • Pro Plan Adult Dog Food: this high-quality kibble for adult dogs features real meat or fish, as well as vital antioxidants that will help to look after your dog's health
  • Pro Plan Senior Dog Food: perfect for elderly dogs aged 7+, this delicious dry dog food contains OptiAge, a blend of nutrients designed to support mental alertness and cognitive function in ageing dogs

  • Pro Plan Dry Cat Food: this selection of nutritional dry cat food with real meat or fish has been developed to meet your cat's specific dietary needs, whatever their age and lifestyle
  • Pro Plan Wet Cat Food: packaged in handy pouches, this complete wet food is available in different delicious varieties for sensitive, sterilised and indoor cats
  • Pro Plan Junior Cat Food: this high-quality kibble for young cats aged 1-12 months contains the OptiStart nutritional formula with natural ingredients designed to help strengthen your cat's immune defence system
  • Pro Plan Adult Cat Food: fully grown cats will love this delicious wet and dry cat food, with specialist diets formulated for overweight, indoor and neutered cats, as well as to promote renal heath, dental hygiene or healthy digestion
  • Pro Plan Senior Cat Food: elderly cats can benefit from this senior dry cat food with the patented compound Longevis, which can delay the onset of early signs of ageing and promote a long, healthy life
Find the perfect variety of Purina Pro Plan dog or cat food to meet your pet's unique nutritional requirements, or check out our brand store to find more great prices on top-quality pet food and treats.

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