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catz finefood Purrrr Can Mixed Trial Pack 6 x 190/200g

Product description

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Chicken (6 x 200g)
(£8.33 / kg)

Product description

Grain-free premium complete cat food with natural ingredients, suitable for cats with food intolerances and allergies. Single protein wet cat food made from ingredients with a low allergenic potential
Catz finefood Purrrr is a gourmet wet cat food for cats with food allergies or intolerances. The Purrrr range is easy to digest and made from ingredients that are less likely to cause reactions or symptoms of food intolerance. All of the different varieties are grain free and contain only one single protein source, which also makes these cans suitable for use in exclusion diets.

The flavours range from the classics, like chicken, to the more exotic, such as kangaroo, but all have one thing in common: the meat varieties used are all ones with a low allergenic potential. Each of the flavours has been prepared to meet the exacting standards of even the pickiest cat, whilst also being ideal for use with allergic and food intolerant felines.

The recipes are well designed and limited to only a few natural ingredients. Each can contains a high proportion of meat or fish, combined with cooking broth, minerals and nutritious oils, which provides your cat with a species-appropriate diet that is easy to digest, healthy and tasty.

All catz finefood products are free from artificial additives and the ingredients come from quality assured German producers. This luxury cat food brand does not use any bone meal, formed meat or attractants. The fresh ingredients are thoroughly checked by vets before being processed in a way that assures the highest standard of quality and food safety. Gentle steam cooking ensures that almost all of the essential nutrients and fatty acids are preserved. This moist food also contains the right amount of taurine, an amino acid that is essential for cats’ health.

Catz finefood Purrr at a glance:

  • Premium complete food for adult cats
  • Easy to digest and unlikely to cause allergic symptoms. Suitable for cats with food intolerances or allergies to certain proteins or grains
  • Single-Protein: each variety has only one source of animal protein
  • Grain and gluten free
  • Varied flavours: ranging from the classics such as chicken or salmon to more unusual flavours including kangaroo, mutton and pork
  • High meat or fish content: at least 70% flesh, from meats that have a low allergenic potential
  • Healthy recipes with a minimal number of ingredients
  • Meat and offal from sources that are of food-grade quality from German agriculture
  • Fish from sustainable sources
  • High vitamin content to help to keep your cat healthy and fit
  • Essential taurine to support heart function and good eyesight
  • Recipes designed to mimic cats natural, species appropriate nutrition
  • Thorough quality checking and checks by vets of both ingredients and manufacturing processes
  • Gentle steam cooking preserves almost all of the nutrients and essential fatty acids in the raw ingredients
  • Developed in cooperation with nutritionists and vets
  • Catz finefood is guaranteed free from the following ingredients and substances:
    • Formed meat
    • Bone meal
    • Protein substitutes such as soya
    • Grains
    • Artificial colourings
    • Attractants
    • Artificial flavourings
    • Preservatives
    • GM ingredients



70% chicken (heart, muscle meat, liver, stomach, neck, fat), 28.8% cooking stock, 1% minerals, 0.2% macadamia nut oil.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (200 IE/kg), zinc (25 mg/kg), manganese (1.4 mg/kg), copper (1 mg/kg), iodine (0.75 mg/kg), taurine (1.500 mg/kg).

Analytical components:
Crude protein (10.2%), fat content (5.6%), crude ash (2.4%), crude fibre (0.3%), moisture (80%), calcium (0.2-0.3%), phosphorus (0.15-0.25%), sodium (0.2-0.3%), magnesium (0.03-0.04%), potassium (0.15-0.25%)*.

*As the animal ingredients are completely natural raw materials, the mineral content may be subject to certain natural variations.

Analytical constituents

protein 10.2 %
fat 5.2 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 2.5 %
moisture 80.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

catz finefood Purrrr is a complete cat food.

Cat’s size Daily feeding amount in g/day
Small Cat 150g
Medium-sized Cat 200g
Large Cat 250g



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