Wasted calories/ does nothing

Yes, my cat love them two in the same way my children love overpriced thinking junk food which also doesn't touch the sides and leave some hungry a couple of hours later they paragraph like other dental snacks on here, these are too small to get chewed or crunch this for do nothing. Also they smell and feel very greasy karma the cats just swallowing them. Adding nothing to his dental health, but plenty to his advice line.
07/28/18 | Mimsy

Wow my cat loves these

My cat loves these treats more than anything. Green and square - who would have thought that they could be so delicious! Loves them more than dreamies (which he loves a lot) and would happily eat the whole packet in a few seconds

Pleasantly surprised,

I opened the packet (all in German) and thought this would be a waste of money as little bright green biscuits fell out. I have 2 incredibly fussy Maine coons and offered the biccies to them with a sigh as thought would be another product to go to the cats home. But no, the cats home will have to wait as they love them and enjoy crunching them up. Hopefully will do their teeth good as well.

pleasantly surprised!

On opening these and smelling them, I wasn't sure what my boy would make of them. Once broken down for him, he wolfed them! A massive hit! Will be ordering more!

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