Fabulous - cats come running for it!

I have 3 LH LaPerms, which are naturally a very low maintenance breed. However, they do groom! One, in particular, grooms herself plus mother/make sure the other two are neat & tidy/relaxed by giving them a good groom. This meant she brought up ‘regular’ hairballs. This paste has been fabulous. Great big tube & I get flattened in the rush each night, when they take it straight from the tube. Very effective indeed. No more messes to clean up & all the proof you need - in the tray!
04/07/16 | g yalcin

a godsend !

I have 3 Birmans so hairballs are a constant problem especially spring and summer. My big male cat spent 2 days at the vet last year with a hairball stuck in his intestine. Luckily the vet was able to give drugs to help him pass it but he was a very sick kitty and I had a huge bill. My vet recommended this paste and its fantastic. Most of the hair goes through and out, only occasionally they throw one up. They are not too keen on the taste but I just rub it onto a paw and they lick it off. Its made a huge difference to them, if you have a very fluffy cat with frequent hairballs, this is a must to have in the cupboard.

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