06/06/22 | Trace


Absolutely agree with the reviews saying about the dust! It's like my cat has walked through a bag of flour, it floats everywhere, is frustrating to endlessly clean, and a bit grim when it's visible all over your bed... At first I thought I had left the litter in the tray too long and it was breaking down but it's the same straight from the bag. I can't wait until it's gone and I can try something else. Average clumping and odour control so it gets to keep a star for each of those.
04/27/22 | Christina Aitken


I run my own small cattery and have used this for a good couple of years, good value and good delivery too
04/05/22 | Lucille

Turns to dust

I really want to love this cat litter. When it’s fresh it’s amazing. It clumps well, it doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t track around the house. However, after a few days, it turns to powder. A fine powder that doesn’t clump and my cats track all over the house! There are dusty paw prints in my bed, on the sofa, on my kitchen countertops, it’s extremely unhygienic! Since the dust doesn’t clump, the wet dust sticks to my cat’s fur and I have to catch her and wash it off her bum. She is short haired.
01/28/22 | Leanne


Best cat little I’ve ever used hands down
12/15/21 | Ronan Jordan

Good stuff

I have 2 cats and they love it . I have tried many other brands clumping litters and all smell bad on first use. I have boy maine coon and when he wee is always a disaster and smells. Benek is great and last longer. It leaves trail but i guess because is lighter . There is no other better than this . Very happy

Great and natural

I prefer this to world's best and this is GMO free. Very very absorbent and good at stopping smells. Some can find it's way out of the tray but better then most others for non tracking. Had to mix with clay type for a week to get kitten to accept.

Very good

I really like this litter. The best I have found. It does not smell and track far less than others. I surely will use from now on.
09/22/21 | Claudia


I was looking for a clumping litter with little or 0 track, no smell and environmentally friendly and....I found it. Glad I did a bit of research before buying other brands. will re order for sure when I've run out of it

Brilliant Stuff

I’ve been using catsan non clumping for almost 20 years, had no idea this existed until a breeder recommended it. Read the reviews on here and thought 1 small bag at a cost of £3.99 was worth a go. After several days of use still absolutely no urine smell, I’m a convert!

For Cat and Us the Best

Ticks all the relevant boxes: environmental friendly, pleasant smell of the corn bits, cat can cover her business easily and walk off, does not stick to paws or fur and hardly ever crumbs or bits distributed, easy to dispose in normal waste
07/22/21 | janet macdonald-jarrett

Great litter

I ordered 3 large bags. One was delivered re-taped up by the delivery company and only had half the contents. I contacted Bitiba and was immediately dispatched another bag. Great service and the litter is top quality. The best I have ever purchased. I will be reordering.

What a pleasant surprise!

Having used Worlds best cat litter fora couple of years i was sure I’d never change! But when our cat developed a medical problem that meant she was using the litter tray way more... costing us £25 a month just in litter, I decided we had to investigate alternatives. Well... I was dubious worlds best could be beaten... but i definitely would say it has been equalled with this product! It clumps beautifully, absorbs the ammonia odours,and has a pleasant natural aroma. It does track like them all
03/08/21 | Jackie Stagg

Best one I've tried

Really good value and works very well. When recently it was unavailable for a while I tried others and although this does track a bit, it's way, way better than any other litter and stays mostly in the litter tray. Absorbs smells and clumps well. I hope it never goes out of stock again!
01/13/21 | Phill


Clumps really well and I've never experienced any issues with odour. It is flushable but use litter bags. I tried another brand once when I couldn't get any of this brand and my cat didn't like it. But he's been using the since he was a kitten. Recommended to friends who rate it as well.

Love this litter!

This is by far the best litter that i have used. Many brands say that they clump and then when you try to scoop them out they fall apart and they end up tracking across your floor. This is great! Stays as a clump and doesn't make a mess. Impressed by this every time i purchase it.
06/21/19 | Annaaaaa

The best litter

I tried lots of litter and I think this is the best. Sometimes I try something new, but I always go back to this product.
03/17/19 | Binny

Best ever

I have used several types of litter including other natural litters and I find this just has good I have tried all 3 and no complaints from the cats and although others say it tracks what litter doesn’t ?? I use a puppy pad at the front of the tray to catch any bits and that seems to work
02/18/19 | Yvonne newby

Y newby

Excellent no smell and I have open cat tray will using this from now on excellent value for money
09/19/18 | Mrs Earl

best cat litter I've had in a long time..

I have been through lots of top end corn cat litter over the years with my 4 cats, but this one does seem to be the best and great value. It clumps easily and forms a gel like clump that is easy to clean up. It does need to be done twice a day so that you get now ammonia smell, but each clean up is under 1 minute, so very time effective. would highly recommend.
08/12/18 | Sarah


I love this stuff! No smell, scoops out really easily and the cats (I have 11) took to it like cats to catnip. I am not bothered about the mess issue as I haven't found a cat litter yet that doesn't get kicked and tracked everywhere by little paws. It is easy enough to clean up. I will certainly be sticking to this litter from now on!

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