Excellent product and excellent service

Originally had my bulldog pup on pro plan and decided to change to bulldog junior. She loves it, she's looking a lot healthier! She was slightly over weight before but looks perfect now. Excellent service too, fast delivery. The yodel driver was very pleasant and carried the food in to my house for me. Very happy and will definetly be ordering again. Thank you.


Superb product!! *****

Hi I'm Christine! We got our little British bulldog puppy a few months ago! We haven't got much experience of looking after a puppu, especially when it comes to healthy nutrition! After we tried lots of products we realised that Royal Canin Bulldog Junior is head and shoulders above the rest. No nasty mouth smells, and good poo. Definitely recommended for new and future dog lovers. It's worth spending a bit more for the health of these little ones! xx


Royal Canin French Bulldog

Our 2 adorable Bulldogs love their Royal Canin. No more skin problems or problems with digestion, and they have beautiful coats.... A happy ending for everyone.



excellent dry food that is easy to eat, chew and digest ... big reduction in flatulence....



Super price and my dogs adore it ++++++


French Bulldog Junior food

I'm delighted with this food. My little bulldog got really bad sickness and bloating from other puppy food because he gobbled down the small kibble so fast. After I changed him over to Royal Canin Bulldog food, these problems disappeared, even by the second day. He's now totally well, and we're feeling a lot better too since he's stopped being so bloated! This food is worth every penny.