06/11/21 | Barbara Nicholls

Best food for cockers and cockerpoos

I’ve been breeding cockers and cockerpoos for many years - Royal Canin is perfect for them - a complete tailored diet from birth that keeps them healthy, building strong, happy puppies. Only the very best will do for my dogs and their babies.


good food, but very expensive

Our cocker eats the food gladly and very much of it. He's totally crazy about it in fact. I see nice fur and good "output". Unfortunately quite expensive.


great granules

I received a cocker spaniel as a birthday surprise, and the granules with it as well for the first few days and decided to stay with it. When my puppy was 12 months old I was looking for another type of food and decided again, to stay with the brand after looking around. It seems the granules are tasty, for me affordable. The food is a little oilier to the touch than others and I think good for my dog. He has no problems.


Puppy loves it

This is the first time I have managed to get a Cocker spaniel puppy to eat and enjoy dry dog food! It's so easy to measure out and increase gradually as she grows, with a clearly marked tub. My breeder recommended this food, which shows how much she cares for her dogs.