01/14/15 | Alexandra

Good quality food

The food helped to put weight on our rescue Dalmatian, her coat is now shiny and healthy and she is a lively happy little pup. She has no problems going to the toilet and has built muscles and good condition.


Marla A 6 month old spotty baby

since getting our spotty fur baby at 10 weeks she has been fed on this food. Marla cannot get enough of it, she is healthy and has a lovely soft silky fur coat. Only wish that there were different flavour choices, apart from that its perfect.


Royal Canin Dalmatian

My two Dalmatian puppies were getting a lot of upset tummies , l put them on to this and l am delighted with the results, they are certainly putting on weight and I am feeling a lot happier you don't like to see them with constant diarrea, so all in all very pleased with the outcome.



I got this for my 2 dallies. They have had better stools & no flatulence since using this. Their coats are so soft. Have now ordered the double. It is well worth the money to keep my 2 boys health & happy.


Audrey update!

Audrey is about to hit 12 months old and I wrote a review shortly after she arrived with me. She still loves the food...bitiba offering A1 service and pricing. Everyone's a winner...especially Audrey!!! Be interesting to see how the switch to the adult food goes in December. Wish they had a food for my staffie tinkerbell too she is 7 and missing out I think.....


Simply the best

Found this by chance online, I was aware of the Adult Dalmatian dry food but not the Dalmatian Junior. My Dalmatian puppy loves it, so there is no waste and no evidence of sensitivity. She is making a steady weight gain, month on month. Overall I am very pleased to be able to offer my puppy a nutritious food tailor made for her needs.