01/11/20 | Simon Eames

Best yet

Tried 5 other brands before this. In each case our GSD pup was either not that keen or his feces was loose, resulting in poor weight gain. At last we've found a food he really likes and that agrees with his digestive system. In fact he likes it so much we've had to buy a slow feeder bowl!

11/04/16 | Lee Shambrook

Fantastic Food For My German Shephard

Back for another x2 12kg of this stuff, Scarlett my 10 month of German shepherd loves this stuff, mix it in with some chicken or whatever, sometimes she gets a little bored of it so i mix in a little gravy, always helps Been using this stuff since she was about 5months, Great for digestion though she was having problems with other brands but this stuff lets her long hair shine, shes growing fast and strong and she bounces around like a nuttwack most days, Would recommend :)

10/13/15 | Maria Minanova

My opinion of German Shepherd Junior

This product is very well designted for growing puppies. My young Swiss Shepherd digests it well and she doesn't put on excess weight (above the weight she puts on as part of natural growth). Maybe the kibble is a little too small for the breed's size, but otherwise nothing to add. I would recommend this because of the great quality.


The result was great!

We fed our dogs for years Royal Canin products and are completely satisfied with the end result, in other words, absolutely healthy dogs. Now how have tested for the first time this puppy food and have been very satisfied - the little one is absolutely satisfied, slowly and nicely growing. Absolutely would recommend to buy, and in addition supplement also with some fresh meat & vegetables that puppies need.


Best for GSDs

Always feed our GSDs pups and adults on this food, it's the best Brilliant GSD feed. Everyone remarks on how our dogs look so much better then any other they see.


Complete food

This is a totally complete food that we have been civing to our puppy from 2 months on. He's now almost adult, 14 months, and has grown into a healthy german shepherd, with a beautiful shiny coat.


Excellent product

Really excellent food for my little 3 month old german shepherd.