02/24/21 | Patsy

Golden Delight

My golden retriever Jack was weaned on Royal Canin and he is now 7 years of age and this is the best food for adult retrievers, kind to the stomach, and for healthy heart, muscles as well as keeping his coat in great condition. I highly recommend this product for your golden retriever

10/13/15 | becky

loves it

I bought this food after being advised to do so by the breeder. Our 15 month-old goldie loves it and his coat is really healthy and shiny.

10/05/15 | Michael

Wonderful product

Our retriever has a very nice coat, great digestion, not overweight. Would recommend!

04/14/15 | Gilly Browning


I buy this food for my adorable black lab. She would like some other flavours but it suits her, keeps her healthy and coat is glossy


Royal canin Golden Retriver

Excalant food for our 2 Golden Retrevers does suit there diet very well and does make there coats nice and smart


She is fit and healthy on this.

Our golden retriever started out on the junior version and moved on to the adult version. She is now 4.5 and is fit, healthy and has a lovely coat. She loves it but then again she'll eat anything you put in front of her (and various other horrible things she finds in the woods) so I can't honestly say its the taste that she loves but she will accept the kibbles as rewards/bribery too. We have tried a few other foods but always come back to this as it seems to suit her so well.


Royal canin Labrador retriever

Strongly recommend royal canin my dog loves it no stomach upsets she keeps a good weight and her coat is really shiny