Royal canin labrador retriever

Really great food, my Labrador loves eating it and his fur is shiny, his teeth are healthy, and he is in great shape. He's been eating it for 3 years and we're gonna stick with it!!!


Quality of Product

I have to say this kibble does what it says on the label I have been feeding by black Labrador Retriever this kibble for 9 years and have to say Benson(my labbie looks fantastic.

11/19/18 | Sam smith

Royal Labrador

Has helped keep weight stable and a good nutrition for Harv.

06/19/18 | Richard

Healthy Looking Pups

Our one year old lab loves the kibble. We fed him on Royal Canin Junior when he was a puppy, and the transition was easy. They are largish kibble bits but he wolfs them down! Fun for scattering and scavenging too. Best of all, it keeps his coat glossy and his energy levels up (though he's still a puppy, he's always bouncy!)

04/04/18 | Mandy


My Labrador retriever absolutely would not eat this food. The kibble is big and tough and hard and he just could not tackle it. Whole 12kg bag wasted. If I mixed it with soft food or smaller kibble he sorted it out and spat it out. I contacted Royal Canin and was advised to mix with water and/or give as treats - no help whatsoever he refused it every time - somewhat out of character for a lab!

10/13/15 | Ariane Decloux

best dog food

I have now fed my older golden Retriever on this product for the last 9 years and we have now started the same food on our new dog. I highly recommend it as well as bitiba for the quality of their services and the brilliant fast efficient delivery.

04/14/15 | Gilly Browning


I buy this food for my adorable black lab. She would like some other flavours but it suits her, keeps her healthy and coat is glossy

07/11/14 | Janis Coeshall

Ideal for our 2 Labradors

Our 2 rescue Labradors are fit and healthy on this food and their coats are lovely and shiny. Only the best for our very loved boys. Recommended.


Royal canin Labrador retriever

Strongly recommend royal canin my dog loves it no stomach upsets she keeps a good weight and her coat is really shiny


Royal canin breed Golden Retriever

My two labradoodles really thrive on this dog food. They eat it as it comes or with fish and meat.. They are very healthy and have lovely coats and no problems with their digestion I would recommend this food to anyone, occasionally they have the Labrador food for a change